FIRE IN THE SOUL            by: Joan Borysenko, Ph.D

                           This is a book about freedom,

                 about breaking the chains of old beliefs and fears

                      that keep us in bondage to the illusion

                   that we are separate from each other and from

                                    All That Is.


                   Freedom is the destiny of every living being.

                         We become free by waking from our

                     dreams of fear, scarcity, blame and guilt,

                        by taking responsibility for acting,

                           to the best of our knowledge,

                     with care and loving-kindness that we may

                        kindle the light of love within and

                           by that light see our way home

                   and serve as beacons for others along the way.


                   It is most often suffering that kindles love,

                          loss that deepens understanding,

                       hurt that opens the eyes of the heart

                     that see forgiveness as a way of life and

                          peace of mind as our birthright.







                             A PARABLE:

                    SAFE PASSAGE HOME


                      Once upon a time, a long, long time ago,

                                        before even

                   Grandfather Sky had given birth to the stars,

                               there was only One Being.

             One pure consciousness of love resting in the completeness

                  of its own untold Stories and mute Songs unsung.


                 Then, one day, for reasons that no one remembers,

                               if in fact anyone ever knew,

                                 the One became restless.

                    Some say it decided to play a cosmic game of

                      hide and seek, splitting its Light into

              tiny sparks, each with the full potential of the Whole.

               In this way the One could know itself and grow itself


                  So each spark was clothed in a costume of flesh

               and its Light and wisdom hidden deep within its heart.

              The challenge of the game was for all parts of the Whole

                         to discover their way back Home again

                   having lived all the Stories and sung all the Songs

                     that would make them wise and compassionate

                       co-creators and companions to the One.


                     The fledgling souls took many roads Home.

                      Each Way had its own Story and each soul

                responded to that Story with the gift of free will,

                   embroidering new stories on the dream-tapestry

                             of the One Great Dreamer.

                         And the sun rose and the sun set.

                     The tides came in and the tides went out.

              New flesh was born and old flesh went back to the earth.

            And the One saw new stories grow in the Theater of the Many


                     Some of these stories led closer to Home.

          These were the ones in which fear was conquered by l(

              Some of these stories led down blind alleys.

                These were the ones in which love was hidden by fear

                   The plays were long and the distractions many.

                                     One by one

                most souls forgot that they were on a journey at all

                       They fell asleep to the First Stories

                that the One had left as eternal road-maps and guides

                        so that each soul could find its way

                                     back Home.


                 Believing that they were alone and separate

                 these lost souls wandered in a strange land

            dominated by the illusion that death was real and

                    that love was as transitory as a shadow.

                   Some sought solace in money, others in power.

                Some found it in food or drugs or alcohol or anger or

                             television or possessions,

                        gossip or judgment or a jealous god

              who whispered lies. You are special, you are saved,

                     there is only one way Home and this is it.


             In its love and mercy for the lost parts of itself

             the One sent alarm bells out into the Universe

             to wake its sparks from their dreams of fear

               and to guide them back into paths of love and longing

                     for reunion with the Great Cosmic Beloved.

               These wake-up calls of pain roused the souls from their

                              sleep of forgetfulness.


             And their cries for help were heard by their

             brothers and sisters throughout the Universe.

                            Seen and unseen helpers came

                      whenever they were drawn by the intent,

                             the powerful pull of will

                       of any soul who appealed to the Source

               with a true longing for reunion, forgiveness and love.

                     And they helped those souls to become free

                      from the bondage of limiting beliefs and

                           past unloving or ignorant actions

                                  so that they could find

                                    safe passage Home.


                         They will give you safe passage, too,

                                    if you ask with faith,

                            even the size of a mustard seed,

                      and if you are patient and willing to listen

                            to the directions of the Universe,

                                        even if they are

                              not what you wanted to hear.

                               Thy will, not mine, be done—

                                   this is the understanding

                                  that will bring you Home.







Do Unto Others _ The Golden Rule


“Why do human beings suffer/”

  Is there a personal God who punishes us?

Or do our very wounds contain the seeds of

an individual planetary awakening to a state of

  greater wisdom, compassion, creativity and love?


Gifted healer Joan Borysenko believes that the wounds we suffer—and heal from—can be gateways to a transformation of the spirit, one that not only nourishes our souls but blesses us with the potential to help our world.


In this enlightening book, Dr. Borysenko goes beyond psychology as currently practiced and taps a deeper vein of healing. She reveals to us the power of spiritual optimism, a philosophy that views life crises as opportunities for personal growth and spiritual homecoming.


Drawing on her own experiences with tragedy and illness, as well as on anecdotes from her therapy patients, the author combines scientific knowledge with wisdom and insight to show how the most devastating events can initiate a fruitful search for meaning; how wrestling with the demons of pain, strife, and illness can lead us to discover our wholeness; and how meditation, prayer, and heightened awareness can serve as shining beacons during the proverbial “dark night of the soul.”


These are the times when the soul is on fire, fueled by torment and despair. Yet this same soul burns with an inner flame that can consume old beliefs and negative opinions, allowing a new soul to be born. Thus our darkest moments can lead to spiritual resurrection, bringing us closer to our true hearts...and to the heart of healing. Getting there, however, is never easy. “Dark nights of the soul” are perilous emotional voyages through stormy st‘ring. Here the terrain is shadowy and home seems far, far away; here, most of us need a light to navigate by.


 “Fire in the Soul” is that light, an inspiring and knowing guide to spiritual haven in

times of loss and pain. Its insight will help you shed self-blame, heal childhood wounds and gain strength from adversity so that you can find the goodness that is everywhere and feel the love that lights our universe.


This book also features a practical resource section listing books, tapes, and addresses of helpful individuals and organizations. One of its most comforting chapters contains stories, poems, and quotations to help restore and revitalize spiritual optimism. And that is the first step to leading a life filled with faith, love, and courage.


JOAN B0RYSENK0, PH.D., is the president of Mind/Body Health Sciences, Inc., and the author of several books including the New York Times bestseller Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and Guilt Is the Teacher, Love Is the Lesson.


She co-founded and is a former director of the Mind/Body Clinic at New England Deaconess Hospital and was an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. One of the architects of the new medical synthesis called psychoneuroimmunology, Dr. Borysenko is herself a cell biologist, a licensed psychologist, and an instructor in yoga and meditation.

My desire; my goal in the past, present and future of this Website is to present my reading experience of the book in question to you as interestingly, uniquely and as shortly in form as possible,-------- and to still get your interest to the point that you “just have to read it”.for yourself.
I reserve the right to use any method I can devise to accomplish this single purpose; legally. In this particular case I am going to use selected sentences and/or short paragraphs that should leave you wondering what she said just before or after the item caught my fancy. You will have to find out for yourself. Sorry!
(page. 16.) Dr. Taylor found that those who adjusted well incorporated three coping strategies into their recovery; a search for meaning in the experience, an attempt to gain mastery over the event in particular and life in general, and a recouping of self-esteem after they had suffered some loss or setback
(page 17) ........their experience, exercise and nutrition that I presented in Minding the Body, Mending the Mind.
(page 19) “All I know for sure, deep in my heart, is that somehow, in some way that I may never understand in this lifetime, it is ultimately for the good.”
(page 36) ......and leave their loved ones heartbroken, “Love is the answer” seems illogical. But, according to the experience of more than 13,000,000 Americans (the 5% of us who have survived clinical death and returned to tell others about the near-death experience), it is science that is out of touch with the larger reality where love is, indeed, the very fabric of existence.
(page 38) As Lily Tomlin once quipped, “When we speak to God we are said to be praying, but When God speaks to us we are said to be schizophrenic!”
(page 44) ..........theologist an researcher Dr. James Fowler has termed Stage-Two Faith----a concrete and literal theology In Stages of Faith: The Psychology of Human Development and the Quest for Meaning, Fowler outlines six phases of the development of faith that parallel our psychology development through childhood to fully functioning, loving adulthood. It is very important to realize that we can get stuck at any one of these six stages. GOOD LUCK!




Copyright@1993 by Joan Borysenko


Warner Books, Inc.

1271 Avenue of the Americas,

New York, N.Y. 100200

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