It was strangely dark. A thunderstorm was blowing up from the mountains, and the clouds hid the sun. Women took their children by the hand and hurried back to the city. People looked at the sky and worried. It was darkness you could feel.

They stood blinking at flashes of lightning that looked like daggers of fire. The eyes, the faces, the fingers, the noise, everything focused on that center cross! From the crowd that circled that tree, words dipped in venom were shot at Him from snarling lips. And they said things like: “What’s wrong Jesus? Can you save yourself?” “Hey Jesus! You said you’d build the temple in three days.
Well, you’ve got nails in your hands and you’ve got plenty of wood behind your back. Go on! Build us something.

What’s wrong? Can’t you save yourself?” 0, He could have saved Himself; but then He couldn’t have saved anyone else. He is a King who failed in the eyes of the world, in order to succeed in the eyes of God.
Those were your sins He suffered for. And He has with His own blood written across all the ledgers of heaven the one word:



                                                                                                                  By, DERRIC JOHNSON


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