An occult parable from the mystic lands of the Far East tells beautifully how man may achieve the transcendental heights of spiritual ecstasy and occult power.

A bubbling stream once reached a desert that it could not cross. Each time it tried, the water disappeared into the sand and was absorbed.

The stream cried out, “I have a deep desire to cross this desert wasteland; such is my destiny, but I cannot achieve it.”

The mystic voice of the Infinite spoke to the stream: “The wind is able to cross the desert wastes with ease. Why can you not cross it?”

The stream replied, “Because the sands absorb me before I have gone even a short distance.”

The voice replied, “The wind has no such problem, for it does not dash itself against the sand.”

“But the wind can fly over the desert sands,” the stream said; “I cannot fly.”

The mystic voice replied, “It is not in your nature to fly.

Why not allow the wind to carry you over the desert sands?”

“How?” asked the stream.

“Allow yourself to be absorbed by the wind.”

“But then I shall lose my own identity and no longer be a stream!” The voice said, “It does not matter what form you take; your divine essence remains the same eternally. You shall reach your distant goal and that is your only true objective.”

Then the stream stopped hurling itself against the desert sands, and allowed itself to be carried by the wind, upward and onward; as fine mist the stream was wafted gently over the hot desert sands, until finally it was set down in the form of rain on a distant mountain top, where it once again assumed its former identity as a stream and flowed on to join the sea, in search of its true destiny.


The Occult Sciences by: Anthony Norvell, (pgs. 77-78)

Copyright@1971 by; Parker Publishing Company, Inc.

West Nyack, N.Y.

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