Can You Wait tll Friday?

By: Dr. Ken Olson


At 12:30 A.M. on a very early Monday morning 1 was awakened by the insistent ringing of the telephone.

Calls at this time meant only one thing—trouble. From deep sleep I was quickly roused, and I picked up the phone.

My answering service said, “Dr. Olson? This is an emergency, I’ll connect you directly with the party.”

“Hello. Who is this?”

“Doc? This is Sarah. I’ve got a rope hung in my bedroom, and I’m going to hang myself tonight.”

“Well, why did you wake me up to tell me that? You and I both know you can kill yourself any time you choose, and neither God nor I can stop you if you decide to die. Although you must admit, Sarah, you really don’t have any talent for hanging yourself. Remember the last time you hung the rope? You fell off the chair and broke your ribs. You’re still taped up! Besides, you’re not even in your apartment now. You are in a phone booth outside, on the street.”

 “How did you know that?”

 “Well, I may be sleepy, but I’m not stupid I know you can’t afford a phone, and I can hear by the traffic going by that you’re in a phone booth. By the way, I’m scheduled to see you at noon on Friday. Can you wait till Friday to commit suicide? You haven’t been eating too well lately, so what kind of a sandwich would you like at Friday noon?”

“What did you say, Doc?”

 “Sarah, can you wait till Friday to die? Please tell me what kind of sandwich you would like . . . bologna, ham salad, egg salad, tuna fish, salami?”

 “What are you trying to do, Doc?”

“I’m trying to find out if you can wait till Friday to die. We can have one last meal together, and give each other a big hug good-by Then you can go kill yourself. Now I’d like you to make a decision. What kind of sandwich would you like?”

“Oh, I’ll have tuna fish.”

“I’ll see you Friday at noon.”

And with that I went back to sleep.

The story of Sarah is so incredible that if I could tell you the whole true story of her life, you would have a real hard time believing it, much less understanding it all. I’ll never forget the first day I had an appointment to meet Sarah. Her pastor had called and said his church .................


Can You Wait Till Friday?

Copyright @ 1975, Chapter 1, (pgs..1-2)

Publisher: O’SULLIVAN, WOODSIDE & Company

2218 East Magnolia, Phoenix, Arizona 85034

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