Friendship is a special bond

One that’s often tried and true,

For it always seems to stand by

When a soul feels low and blue.

It offers words of sweet compassion

And makes us lift our hearts in thanks above

Because we have a caring friend

Who offers loyalty and love.

It’s a relationship that’s been tested

And proves it’s solid gold —

Yet it’s not for sale for any price

‘Cause friendships can’t be bought or sold.

On a rainy day, it’s an open umbrella

To help weather life’s raging storms,

And on a Summer’s day it’s the sunshine

Helping to keep us happy and warm.

When we’re depressed and lonely

With nothing much to do,

It’s a cup of tea, a visit —

Oh, for friendships tried and true!

Linda C. Grazulis

Do Unto Others Golden Rule

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