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Old parable submitted by:

                        Amy Blane

                                                                    Edited and rewritten by:

Flavia Berys

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A group of frogs were traveling south through the deep woods when two of them fell into a deep, steep, long muddy. tire. rut. All the other frogs gathered around the bank theeof to assess the situation.

When they saw just how deep the pit was, how steep the side walls were, in addition to the whole mess being slippery and muddy they. told the. two unfortunate frogs that all was lost and they would never get out. NEVER!

The two, excited, worried, unfortunate. frogs ignored the comments and began frantically jumping and jumping rapidly .and. repeatedly....The other frogs on the bank kept telling them to stop trying, save their energy because “all was lost.” “Give up, now” “Don’t just matters worse.” “Say your prayers now.” they kept on yelling.

Finally, one of the frogs in the deep rut took heed of the situation and suffered a heart attack and died in the muddy rut.

Now the remaining frog started to jump even faster, higher as his powerful legs could lift him. Straining, stretching and kiking towards the top of the muddy pit. And still the crowd at the top kept yelling to him that all was lost they would tell his friends and relatives of his gallant struggle so just stop the pain and suffering, give up, and die.

In response, he tried to jump higher, faster and in his angry fit - - - - - the effort paid off and he was finally out on the high ground!

Stunned and very delighted, the other frogs finally calmed down enough to ask him, “But how did you know to kept trying, just jumping and jumping? “Didn’t you hear us telling you to stop? “Didn’t you hear us yelling, trying to save you from a hopeless battle?

The frog looked at the crowd questioningly and signed to them that he was deaf!

With gratitude in his eyes, he signed his thanks for their support at the edge of the slippery pit, it really helped in his moment of strife.

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