for while you give him today, he steals tomorrow from you.

IF YOUR enemy has injured you, or your friend deceived

you; if your brightest hopes have been clouded, or your

reputation blackened, pray for your enemies, and then up

and be doing. Better gather field flowers, plait rushes, weed

the garden, or black your own shoes, than be idle. Occupa-

tion will raise your spirit, while idleness will bring it down

to the dust. Occupation will often blunt the edge of the

sharpest grief, keep the body in health, and preserve the

mind in comparative peace. He that is in trouble should do

something to get rid of it. Something must be done, and

done by yourself too, when you are in trouble, or otherwise

it will stick as close to you as the skin that covers you.

          The moment you feel yourself getting moody and miser-

able, seek Divine support by prayer, and then set yourself a

task immediately, something that will compel you to exert

yourself, and you will be surprised at the relief it will afford

you. And especially employ yourself in doing good, and

mitigating the sorrows of others: while taking a thorn from

the bosom of another, you will lose that which rankles in

your own. Occupation cures one half of life’s troubles, and

tends to mitigate the remainder.

Never give up! If adversity presses,

Providence wisely has mingled the cup,

And the best counsel, in all your distresses,

Is the stout watchword of “Never give up.”

                          —MARTIN F. TUPPER

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