Inherit Your Promise

by: Paula White

E VERYTHING I HAVE ACCOMPlISHED to date and will ever achieve as a minister is a result of a single vision God showed me when I was i8 years old. I didn’t expect there would be much that I could do for Him. After all, I was a messed-up girl from Mississippi who had never heard of our Jesus before accepting Him as my Savior. My father had committed suicide when I was 5, and I had endured years of sexual and physical abuse while growing up. How could God use someone with a tainted past and so much baggage?

The vision I had some 21 years ago revealed to me why He chose me. What I saw was millions and millions of people. Every time I opened my mouth to declare the Word of the Lord to them, God’s power would manifest and people would get saved, healed and restored. But when I was silent, they would fall in to utter darkness. Since that time I have been unable to escape my burden for souls. Are there stagnant places in your life that future plan keep you from fulfilling God’s purpose? Is it your career? Relationships? Is your ministry suffering because you’ve lost your vision? Someone once asked Helen Keller what could possibly be worse than blindness. She responded, “To have sight, but no vision.” God wants you to see yourself according to His future plans for you.

The story of Gideon in the Bible illustrates this point. Despite Gideon’s lack of courage, God called him a “mighty man of valor” (Judg. 6:12, NKJV). How could this be? Gideon was a coward!

God was not referring to Gideon as he was in his present condition. He was speaking of the mighty warrior the Old Testament character would become. Many of you are frustrated because you are unable to see past your circumstances and discern the call of God.

How do you obtain vision? My vision was given to me in a time of meditation and deep worship. I was communing with the Holy Spirit when my destiny unfolded before me. Through a relationship with God, you can gain spiritual insight that far exceeds anything you can see with natural eyes.

 After you under   stand God’s plan for your life, you will need a strategy to bring it to fruition Habakkuk 2:2-3 outlines four steps to fulfilling your vision.

Write the vision. You must develop a statement of purpose that answers: Who am I?” “Where am I?” “Why do I exist?” If you don’t ask these questions, you will spend a lifetime wondering and being frustrated.

Paula White Ministries is dedicated to transforming lives, healing hearts and winning souls. Everything we do must be related to that purpose. Set goals. Clearly define your goals and objectives. Goals are bite-size pieces of your vision that can be attained daily. The goal of my ministry is clear—to bring io million souls into the kingdom of God. Each day, we take steps to achieve that goal. After you define your goals, write them down. Experts say writing your goals increases your probability of achieving them by 90 percent.

Develop a team. Often people attempt to achieve their vision without help. You cannot be a lone ranger. However, don’t be so desperate for supporters that you bring along people who do not share your passion. Surround yourself with people who stir up the dream in you. Teamwork makes the dream work. Launch the vision. James 1:22 tells us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. After you develop a mission statement, set goals and develop a team of supporters, get to work! If your vision includes marriage, plan a wedding! If it’s a job you need, carry a briefcase.

The moment you begin to prepare for vision, you serve notice that you are serious about it. When you’re prepared, you attract opportunity. People with vision have three things in common: They see the past as their teacher, they view the present as an opportunity, and they refuse to face the future with fear. Your vision will become a rewarding spiritual adventure. What are you waiting for?

                                                   PAULA WHITE LS a sought-after preacher

                                                   who travels extensively throughout the U.S.

                                                   and in other countries. The author of He

                                                   Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Charisma

                                                   House), White co-pastors Without Walls

                                                   International Church in Tampa, Florida,

                                                   with her husband, Randy. For ministry

                                                   information, visit


                                                                                            CHARISMA Magazine

                                                                                            June 2005 (pg. 16)

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