I turn on the light and how quickly it shines!
When I turn on the water it flows.
I turn on the fan and it whiffles around,
While the cool wind blows and blows.

If I donít turn the knob, then I donít have light;
If I donít turn the tap, it is dry.
If I donít turn on the fan it is perfectly stilló
It is not at all hard to see why!

The light is not gone, it is waiting for me,
The water is ready to flow,
And only if I know how to turn on the fan,
It is perfectly willing to go.

God gave me all these wonderful things,
And is waiting to give me some more,
For God has a way He can fill me with life,
If I learn how to open the door!

By: Agnes Sanford.
ďLetís BelieveĒ 1954

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