Itís A Good Idea, Anyhow

ďAs a man is he,Ē
Oh, I know its true;
So is he and so are we,
So am I and you

         I will think on beauty
          Still, serene and cool;
         I will dunk my thinking
         In a tropic pool.

                  I can see it dreaming
                   In the twilight calm...
                  (I wonder if those Russians
                  Have the atomic bomb?)

                           Cut it out! Cut it out!
                            Beauty is my goal....
                           (What is Uncle saying
                           about the eighteenth hole?)

                                    Let him yap. Let him brag.
                                    I will dwell on peace,
                                    I will think of Temples
                                    In bali and Greece;

I will think of incense
In a holy shrine...
(who in heck borrowed
that book of mine?)

         Try again......remember,
         ďAs a man thinketh.....Ē
         I will think of Egypt
          And the silent Sphinx;

                  Never moves a muscle
                  Of its dead-pan face.
                  (Canít you do your typing
                  some other place?Ē)

                           Whatís the use? Whatís the use?
                           Guess Iíll count sheep.
                           (Bet Iíll have nightmares
                           in my sleep)

                                    Try again....try again....
                                    We crawled before we stood.
                                    ďAs a man thinketh.....Ē
                                    I think GOOD!

Don Blanding (1950)
Hawaiiís most favorite poet.

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