November 1, 2005

Google Goes to the Library!

Not content with conquering the Web Google is slowly digitizing the library collections of the University of Michigan----Harvard-----Stanford-----Oxford=== and the New York Public Library as well.

Today, over publishers’ protests the company will begin scanning in even copyrighted material (it has given publishers the chance to opt out)

Despite pledge to display only snippets of copyrighted books (generally those published after 1922. )many publishers want to halt the project claiming that simply copying and storing the contents of protected works violates the law.

November 16, 2005

Who Runs the Web?

The United States of America does -----at least for now!

In the late 1990s when it established the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the U. S. Government promised that it would slowly relinquish control of the servers underlying the Internet.

That hasn’t happened - - -and in June the U. S. Department announced it wouldn’t.

Critics of the current system have begun an effort to dislodge the United States as sole keeper of the Master list of Web addresses and to give national governments sovereign control over their country-code domain names ( such as .ca for Canada)

Participants will try to hammer out a compromise at the UN’s World Summit on the Information Society. which begin today in Tunis.

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