Reverend Cleveite Calhoun

The Sacred Rescue Mission

Temperance, Oregon 97431




Perhaps you have seen me on TV or heard me on the radio in your area because of my lifelong, nationwide campaign in the cause of temperance

For each of the last fourteen years I have made extended tours of Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada. Idaho, and Washington delivering a series of lectures to thousands of people on the evil of drinking. On each of these tours I have been accompanied by a young assistant, Mr. Clyde Lindstone. Clyde, a handsome man from a good local family and excellent background as a youth, is now a pathetic example of a precious life ruined by the excessive indulgence in whiskey and loose women

Clyde appeared with me at these lectures or shows----siting on the stage or platform, wheezing, staring out at the audience through bleary and bloodshot eyes, sweating profusely under the TV lights, picking his nose,

making obscene gestures, passing gas, etc. ----while I would point him out as an example for what over-indulgence in whiskey and women can do to even the finest of young men using the devil’s brew. However, last spring, unfortunately, Clyde died. A mutual friend, realizing my serious problem, has graciously recommended your name. I shall be most grateful if you will agree to take Clyde’s’s place and accompany me on my tour next spring. Please contact me at the above address to discuss the times and compensation expected.

                                                               Yours in faith,

                                                               Reverend C. Calhoun

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