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An interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto

by: Steve Hays, publisher of

The Light Connection

P erhaps you have heard of Dr. Ernoto’s work in the film What the Bleep Do We Know!? Or maybe you’ve seen one of his books, The Messages of Water, or The Messa ges of Water II. or his most recent book, The Hidden Messages in Water

However you came to hear about him, the word is out.

The message he reveals is getting out to a lot of people all over the

world and it should. It’s important.

A small beginning

When lie first published his work, he produced books for friends. People bought several and passed them along. He then printed more and sent out more until he found himself invited to Switzerland to talk about his research. His work was real well received. Now, he finds himself with a very busy speaking schedule in Europe, this country and Japan.

The mirror.

Dr. Enioto has discovered that the world is talking back to us. Its telling and showing us how we affect it and affect ourselves.. In essence, it’s a mirror for us. For those of us not sensitive enough to notice what intluence we are having, it’s there to see in water.

We’ve heard for years that our thoughts take shape and have the power to physically manifest. Has there ever been any demonstrable evidence of that? Most of us can share a personal experience of it, but this is a giant step beyond that. Dr. Emoto is physically demonstrating how our thoughts can have a physical result. Viewed from the opposite direction, it shows how our thoughts influence our bodies. So far Dr. Emoto’s work looks as if it may be the physical demonstration of a body-mind link; a link between thought and manifestation in the physical universe.

The photographs

More than 10 years ago. Dr. Emoto an alternative doctor from Yokohama, Japan —began taking photographs of frozen ice crystals. By photographing and comparing different crystals he learned water was full of wisdom for us. One of the first things he noticed was the difference between tap water and natural water. At this point, Dr. Emoto has photographed water from springs, lakes arid tap water from countries all over the world.

Natural water, he discovered, “displays a beautiful array of crystals.” They are often quite intricate and remind you of photographs of snowflake crystals that most of us have seen. It was, in fact. Snow that gave Dr. Emoto the idea of photographing water. One day he looked at snow and he knew that the crystal structure of snow could be analyzed. so why couldn’t regular water be analyzed as a crystal? That’s how he came up with the idea.

In contrast to natural water, tap water is more chaotic. There may be a dark spot in the middle or a side of the crystal will he broken. The clarity is missing. This is also common with water treated with chlorine. It consistently produced very

chaotic images.

Not static

He found that water could he “treated” or changed by our thoughts.

He filled bottles with water and wrote different words on them.

He was fascinated by the differences generated in the crystals when the water was shown different words, such as “gratitude “ or “stupid.” The most beautiful, intricate images came from words such as “angel, ” “wisdom” “you’re cute,” “thank you,” “ love,’’ and “gratitude.’’ However, “Satan,” “you fool.,” “stupid” and “kill” produced blurred, chaotic and dark images.

“The water crystals are the design and image of the vibrations provided,” he explains By and large. the positive vibration demonstrates well-formed water crystals and its crystallization rate tends to be higher than others commonly recognized as negative

A blessing

At the Fujiwara Dam in central Japan, Dr. Emoto had a Shinto priest repeat an incantation. He photographed the before and after the priest had prayed over the water. After he performed an incarnation for an hour, the priest and Dr. Emoto talked for 15 minutes while his crew developed the photographs. They rushed over, saying, “This is really incredible! The water is getting clearer right in front of our eyes,” one said. The photographs showed a beautiful hexagonal-shaped crystal enclosed by a halo-like pattern of light.

Different languages

The same word in different languages produced similar but different crystals.. They photographed differently, but the pattern was the same. Even in the same language, the images were not always exactly the same. The water seemed to “breathe” and change colors. There is a flow to it.

Dr. Emoto explained. “It is said that the universe is constantly flowing. This very moment cannot be here the moment after. In this event, the water crystals will not give identical results. But if the experimenting environment remains the same, should give pretty much the same results as we expect; i.e., using typed fonts for word experiments. We would like to experiment further and find out far more.”


“The science of quantum physics generally acknowledges that substance is nothing more than vibration.” states Dr. Emoto.

In Japan, it is said that words of the soul reside in the spirit called kotodama ---- or the spirit of words-----and the act of speaking words has the power to change the world. We all know that words have an enormous influence on the way we think and feel, and that things generally go more smoothly when positive words are spoken.” However, up until now we have never been able to physically see the effect of positive words.”


Given that Dr. Emoto is an alternative doctor, I wanted to know what he could tell us about staying healthy. He said first to make sure that the water we drink is purified and healthy.

The average human body is 70% water. We start out life being 99 % water, as fetuses. When we are born we are 90 % water, by the time we reach adulthood we are down to 70 %. If we die of old age, we will probably be at about 50% water. In other words, throughout our lives, we exist mostly as water.”

Because water has the ability to copy and memorize information, when we use treated water or homeopathic remedies, the information is being carried by water to cancel out the information or symptoms of what is being treated. Sickness, he told me, comes when you don’t base sufficient love and sufficient appreciation. This information does not come from outside. You yourself know if you are lacking in love and lacking in appreciation. Drink good water and breathe in love and appreciation.” he said.

Based on the principles of vibration, the answer is very clear. All we need to do is emit the emotion that is opposite to the negative emotion. By combining two opposite waves, the negative emotion disappears.”

Here are some of his opposites:

                            Hate and gratitude

                            Anger and kindness

                            Fear and courage

                            Anxiety and peace of mind

                            Pressure and presence of mind

This is the way to free ourselves from negative emotion and thinking. The positive always eliminates the negative.


When I asked him if he studied music and it’s effect, he responded in English with, “Good vibrations.” He has photographed water after it was exposed to different kinds of music. The results are predictable. Classical music produced beautiful forms of crystals. Even the Beatles’ “Yesterday” and some modern jazz formed beautiful crystals. An unusual crystal was formed after being exposed to ‘Heart-break Hotel,’ by Elvis Presley. “As if to mimic the song, it broke into two parts.

A universe of water

“Understanding the fact that we are essentially water is the key to uncovering the mysteries of the universe,” said Dr. Emoto. “Water has taught me the delicacy of the human soul, and the influence that ‘lovc’ and ‘gratitude’ can have on the world.” “Water has a message for the world: The world is linked together by love and gratitude.

“The words gratitude and love form the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and the phenomenon of life.” On the other hand, “words such as ‘You fool’ do not exist in nature and are instead unnatural elements created by people. Words that revile, harm and ridicule are the result of the culture created by humans. “The message of water is love and gratitude.”


The global and the individual.

In the end, the message of water is one for the world. For a world in crisis and chaos, and an environment under attack, it’s the perfect time for it.

The defiling of our earth is the result of an unrelenting hunger for convenience and the fuIfil1ment of greed, initiated by the industrial resolution. This has led to life-styles mass consumption that serious threaten the global environment.

“We have embarked on a new century, a time in history when we must make serious changes in the way that we think. Only the human can resonate with the rest of the world, and this is why it is so essential that sse change can thinking, so we can live in harmony with nature and not go on destroying the earth. What vibrations we give to the earth and what kind of planet we create depends on each one of us as individuals.

“How will you choose to live your life?

“If you fill your heart with love and gratitude, you will find yourself surrounded by so much that you can love and that you can feel grateful for, and you can even get up closer to enjoying the life of health and happiness that you seek. But what will happen if you emit signals of hate, dissatisfaction and sadness? Then you probably find yourself in a situation that makes you hateful, dissatisfied. and sad.

“The life you live and the world you live in are up to you.

This article was written from a personal interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto, material in his book and press material. Beyond Words publishes the doctors new book.

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