Origin of all things




L ife is essentially creative; and here, we create both in our being and beyond it. The most important product is what we create in the spirit/soul being of ourselves and others. The process is perfect to the accomplishment of God’s purpose of developing beings to share in the eternal expression of the infinite potential of life as it streams out of the God-center of the universe, into created things unto infinity and eternity.

Our free-will is the gift that lets us act in the dynamic Life of God and Creation. We are created to be ever established in the source, but can will it otherwise. Essential in the use of will, acting with and in volition, is the decision that our souls, by and in our spirit, stay engaged in the God Spirit by Christ, His Spiritual Son, and the Holy Spirit, carrier of all infinite knowledge.

This book, the HISTORY OF THE ORIGIN OF ALL THINGS, stands as a perfect guide. It reflects on all the essentials of life, elucidating life, scriptures and purpose ---— extending major keys to every searcher. It describes the very continued progression beyond earth experience and the importance of making the most of this life in the binding and loosing of the elements of soul that will cany over. The truths are easy to believe and inculcate, for, by and through engagements for the purpose of essential and successful use of one ‘s life and free-will.

I searched for such all my life. Now, my purpose is to be involved in the wide distribution and the practice of its truths.

                                                                        In Jesus Name. AMEN.


                                                                                            Donald 0. Haughey

* * * * * *




 He made man and pronounced him good. He formed him for enjoyment and placed him in Paradise. Foreseeing, foreknowing, that the desire of change would come upon the tablet of man’s mind, and that with such a desire would come a struggle for its gratification,

He provided the means for man to gratify this, his first desire.

He knew it would be a blind one; that man would not first ask to know what he would get by the change. But the life of enjoyment, which is aimless, ceases soon to be a life of enjoyment. Then change of some kind is demanded and even a very change for the worse would be welcomed. What, then, could God do to make man happier, since he was in Paradise, which is tranquil happiness, but give him a new change? He resolved, in infinite wisdom, that it should be to taste of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. So He placed hefore him only that way to escape from Paradise; sure that he would, sooner or later, embrace the opportunity afforded him to pass Out of the lovely and beautiful garden, where perennial bloom and fruit ever adorned the trees; where the animals were submissive to man, their master; where no violence ever disturbed, no horrors ever appalled the peaceful mind of the primitive man.

This state still exists to many individuals of the present human race. They have not yet resolved to taste the fruit of the tree; the tree that will relieve them from confinement, as many have regarded it. They still hunger with pleasure by the cool fountains, the beauteous groves, the sparkling lights of the ever fresh and ever new land of Beulah. Happy denizens of a blissful Paradise, alas! All happiness that is not founded on benevolence, is transitory. However long the time man may enjoy Paradise, it can never be an eternity. That world must, at last, be left solitary and uninhabited, unless God shall take pleasure in a new creation. This He may, or may not, do. He knows: but the angels in heaven know not , neither doth any man.

There is now a period of repose prepared by the ALMIGHTY RULER AND CREATOR for Himself. Not that He needs repose but that He pleases to have it. Having labored, or acted, as you may choose to phrase it, He is pleased to rest. His rest will be comparatively short. His laws and foundations might stand eternally if He chose. But He prefers to change, or modify, them. He might even continue in a state of rest eternally, but He prefers to make new laws and lay new foundations, to have new creations. Amid all the wrecks of matter, the chaos of destroyed or finished or incomplete works, He is ever able to make new worlds or universes start into being. No variety is too infinite for Him to accomplish. No monstrosity is too great, no sameness; or similarity, too trifling for His powers. He >is Almighty. You admit Him to be Almighty, but you do not, and can not, realize the meaning and force of the appellation. But you could better realize it than you do. Try to do this. You can conceive that no other is so powerful, no other one is so good, no other one has so much love, and no other one deserves so much praise as the Deity. But you can not conceive how much of them He has, because He has an infinite quantity, and you are finite.

Then, be not caviling against the order of God’s creation and desiring to help Him reform the world! What? you say, not try to reform the world? When so much wickedness exists in it! Not at all, I say. But, remember, I do not tell you to be idle or wasteful of your time or means of doing good. By no means. It is to the full exercise of these that I urge you. Do all the good you can, but don’t wait for the time when you can do it on a large scale. Be faithful in small things and you shall have an opportunity to attend to great ones. When you see a brother in distress relieve him. Is he hungry, give him food; is he thirsty, give him drink; is he in prison, visit him; is he sick, perform his duties for him. Inasmuch as ye do these things, even so shall ye have praise from those whose praise is in the love of God. Inasmuch as ye do these things, ye shall have favor with God and be raised to a Sonship; be placed on His right hand, separated unto eternal glory and made a joint heir with Jesus of Nazareth, the Man of Sorrows, the Acquainted with Grief, but the Beloved Son of God, in whom the Father was well pleased, and for whom He bowed down the heavens to declare, in a voice of thunder, Behold My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased! o wicked and perverse generation! Ye seek after a sign. But were the wonderful works wrought in your midst that were done by Him in Judea and Galilee, eighteen hundred and more years ago, ye, too, would blasphemously declare, He casts out devils by the prince of devils. Ye, too, would cry out, Away with Him, crucify Him; crucify Him! We will not have Him to rule over us, we are Caesar’s subjects.

* * * * * *




Placed as he was between two states, of which he was entirely ignorant, it was not strange that at first he should have supposed the condition in which he found himself was the only one he ever did, or ever would, enjoy. But it soon pleased God to inform him of the future, so far as to make known to him :—first its existence; second, its nature; and third, its design. But yet, this was given darkly; and man only saw it as through a glass, darkly. Passing along, the vicissitudes of his journey often caused man to sigh for repose. The glory of the future was reduced to a state of rest, and the activity of God’s servants was supposed to consist in all praising Him, who alone is beyond praise; in glorifying Him, whose glory can not be exalted. But God was pleased to let man corrupt the light He had thrown into their hearts and understandings, by false lights, by perversions of His revealments and misconstructions of His motives.

Having at sundry times clearly shadowed forth the nature of the future, it now pleases Him to declare it plainly, through an humble seeker of happiness who is willing to be taught and who only desires to receive the truth; who will receive his reward by having his patience exercised, his motives traduced, his efforts to enlighten his fellowmen made abortive. Yet, the truth will prevail. God will save mankind. And the time will come when the knowledge and love of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea, His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven, and His servants shall have their daily bread, that cometh down from heaven, placed before them to be received with joy and thankfulness. This will be a joyful time for all who shall see it; and verily, I say, that there be those standing now in the body who, in the body, shall see it. Blessed be God, that He has chosen the poor of this world and the humble among men for the accomplishment of His ends. He will not appear as men have expected Him. He never has appeared as they expected Him; and never will He be the mere follower, or fulfiller, of the imaginations of men. Alas! that such blindness persists; that such ignorance defeats and such folly derides the poor in spirit, and the humble followers and seekers of truth.

Then will be an overturning, an overturning, an overturning!

The sun will be darkened and the moon will cease to give her light.

The stars of heaven will fall to the ground and the heavenly host will disappear, in the day of God’s appearing. Then will the mountains be called on to hide men from the face of Almighty God; then will men get down into the depths of ignorance and abase themselves before idols of flesh, who can no more save than idols of wood or stone. Then will the sea give up its dead, the graves be opened and the long since departed from the sons of men will reappear to their astonished vision. But when will these things be? Not in this state of existence! Oh, no. The fowls of the air, the beasts of the field, the fish of the sea, must all be raised when the bodies of men are raised for they are all one flesh. ‘What, then, do I mean to say, and what shall be understood from My dark sayings? I mean, that when the soul shall have left the body to the dust from which it came and to which it must ever, and forever, return, that then men will see the great day of the Lord. Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great glory. Then will the trumpet sound, and the dead in sin will come forth from their lives of ignorance and darkness.

Then will appear the New Jerusalem, that cometh down from Heaven, arrayed as a bride for her husband. Her gates shall be praise and her streets paved with good works. Her glory shall exceed that of the sun and there shall be no night there. Do you desire to be a resident of this beautiful city? To be the husband of this lovely bride? You may be. You will be. But it is for you to say when. Verily, I say, there be some standing now in the body, who shall not taste of death or they enjoy its embrace and taste its happiness. Verily, I say, there be some standing in the body now, that shall, when suns and moons and the earth itself shall have passed away, be yet so far from it, that the power of God only shall suffice to bring them to the home He designs for all men. Choose ye now, whether ye will serve God or Baal . Choose ye now, whether ye will be meek and lowly and acquainted with grief; whether ye will walk in His ways and follow His precepts; follow the ways and precepts of Him who suffered at Jerusalem that you might be instructed; who died that you might be saved from the death of sinners, who preached and prayed and worked and suffered that He might teach mankind how to arrive at the New Jerusalem more speedily, and so be saved from punishment for their errors, from suffering for their sins, from death and the grave. This is the reward He hoped for, and you can see how far men have so profited by His example. Waste not your time in regret for the past. Behold, the door is open. Press forward now, while it is day, for the night is approaching in which no man can work. All he can do will be to suffer and to let the angels, who have worked, work upon him.

“What, then, shall man give to forward his own salvation? “ Give your

heart. Let nothing earthly come between you and your God. Commune with Him in spirit. Let your spirit have communion with the saints. Let there be no man to tell you when to pray, or when to work; when to listen, or when to sing. Work when you find work, pray without ceasing, sing when you can, and he content with every dispensation of God’s pleasure. hear Him whenever He speaks to you in your heart, in that still, small voice that is not easily heard. Turmoil and strife will then deaden your sensations, and the ears that have been well accustomed to it may easily he dead to the voice of God in the heart. But do not he proud. 0 ye followers of Jesus! Do not require that God should, Himself, come to you or manifest His own presence plainly to yon.

No man can see God and live; and yet men have seen God! How is this? Men see God when they have experienced the elevation of heart that God’s spirits can give. They can see Him by the eyes of others and the mirror that reflects His image does it truly. It is, then, a glorious privilege which few, of all that have been born on the earth, have had in the body--—of seeing God Himself pictured on the soul of a fellow man who was in the spirit-world. It is such great visions which have made the apparent contradiction. It is this saying which has caused so many to stumble that I now explain, when I ask you to he willing to be instructed by God’s Son and Sent, by the Holy One of Israel. He was superior to all pride of heart. He was a man who delighted in virtue, who walked in humility, who ever was ready to help the needy or feed the hungry . But God was in Him through the departed spirits of other men, who, before Him, had sacrificed their lives, their fortunes, and their reputations in His service. They had then been found worthy to loose the seals of the Book of Life and wait on God In celestial courts, where every soul is subservient to the higher powers; where principalities, dominions, powers, thrones, and every kind and graduation of them, and of other station, stand before God, willing to serve Him in whatever capacity and in whatever rank He may desire.

Their will must he submissive, or they cannot he His servants. They cannot serve two masters. If God rules, well. If not, they die to His presence and glory; they fall into ignorance, doubt, and perplexity. They can recover only by faith and hope of mercy and help of God’s servants, as God wills that His servants shall help one another. By this shall all men know that ye are the servants of God and of His servants. For God’s servants have servants under them. But the servants do God’s will and work, because His upper servants are harmonious and united with Him. Let no man, then, despise God’s servants. Receive them as angels. They are for sure, angels. They are continually praising God, but they praise him by works. They know when the sinner tires of sin; when he seeks refuge in God. They are ready, then, to meet with him, to sup with him, to be his waiter, to bring him messages from God, and to lead him on his way to the Heavenly City.

But, behold, how men have lately rejected all these servants of God. They have refused to believe them good, even . They have feared they would ask them to cast off the pride of the age, the lust of the flesh, the hope of their fellow-men being doomed to eternal punishment. All these have been urged against them, not just openly always, but down in the depths of men’s hearts; so deep, sometimes, that the man himself scarcely could perceive them if he looked, which he seldom did . And now what shall we do? We have piped unto you, and ye would not dance; we have played unto you, and ye would not sing; we have urged by affection, we have pleaded by pity, we have wept with those who wept and mourned with mourners. But all, except a few, have rejected us . What will the Master of the feast do, when He finds His tables are not filled? Go out, He will say to us, go out, and compel them to come in! Not by over-bearing their will but by over-mastering their reason. This we must do, and this we shall at once begin to do. Prepare, then, to meet your God.

* * * * * *




 There is among mankind a great want of knowledge of this preparation, and of the want itself. True, men are seen to die and disappear; to vanish, as it were, forever from their accustomed haunts and lay themselves upon the shelf of forgetfulness. Some die willingly, some unwillingly; but nearly all ignorantly or recklessly or defiantly. True, many feel a hope and trust in God’s mercy, hut it is a hope just founded on false conceptions of His justice and mercy. Having had some small knowledge experimentally of God’s goodness and mercy; having experienced His loving kindness and been pardoned manifold sins; having led many astray in the body and preached falsities to fellow fools, we are now prepared, well-prepared, to declare to men what they want, and what God wants them to have. First, men should have new hearts; second, they should have much less pride; third, they should cultivate the knowledge of the wants of their fellow men; fourth, they should have patience to wait for death, and activity to secure the love that God has for them.

To be known as a servant of God, implies that you really obey His directions, follow His rules and attend to every intimation He may please to give. This is only what you require of your servants. Why, then, do you complain that God is a hard master, reaping where He has not sown and gathering what He strewed not? Why do you complain that God is not kind, or He would have laid all obstacles away from you, and given you a seat upon His right hand to judge one of the tribes of the earth! My friend, you want a new heart in which the love of God shall be the first principle of action; in which that action shall be exerted in relieving your fellowmen from affliction, from every kind of want, bodily or spiritual. It is these works that Jesus did. It is these that He preached. He healed the sick; He restored the lame, the blind, the halt in every way. He walked in humility, and He died condemned by His generation.

So it may be with you. Do you want to be like Him, to be led to a life of suffering and die a death of agony? No, I hear you say, I can not hear that! How, then, can you follow Him? You call yourself a follower of Christ, do you not? And how do you follow Him? My people have not known Me, they are all gone astray, there is none good, no, not one. Such would be His exclamation now, were you willing to hear Him . Such He will say, whether you hear Him or not. Alas, ye ignorant old church members! Ye are no better than church members were two thousand years ago. Your fathers killed the prophets, and you would now offer up the new philosophers on the same altar of ignorance, folly and the love of self, if you had the power. Is it to you, then, that I must address Myself? Yes, it is even you whom I now call upon. I ask you to throw of all dependence on man whose breath is in his nostrils; but not to be afraid of man whose life is a breath everlast~g, who, till now, has watched and prayed and desired, with a great desire, the day of the Lord that now approaches. The day so long expected by the Christian church has already dawned and its sun will not go backward.

Come unto Me, then, all ye heavy laden and I will give you rest. You will no longer be required to give tithes of mint and cumin while you devour widows’ houses; no more be sent to hell for a want of belief or placed in heaven for a profession of it. No, I only ask works of you, sure that you will not do the works unless you have faith . What, I hear you say, shall it be thought of no consequence what man believe? Shall infidels be saved by morality? Oh, no, my friends; I do not say any such things. I say, again,---- you can not do the works to which I call you without faith. And then, I say,----- most firmly and decidedly, that you can not be saved by works. I say nothing can save you but God’s mercy. Not that I mean that you would deserve eternal punishment for a few years of venial sins, but that God has chosen to show mercy and He will save you from the consequences of sin. These consequences would extend beyond the grave, and would be felt in other generations were it not for God’s infinite mercy, which, being continually exercised, saves you from continuing to commit sin to all eternity.

Is not that a new idea, that you would thus deserve eternal punishment for your continual, unending sin? But, blessed be God for His infinite mercy! Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as wool . Though your sins be legion, your Father’s power and goodness can overthrow them and their consequences. But, does He ask nothing in return from man? Yes, He asks man to be grateful; to love Him; to fear His anger which is His hate, or wrath which is the absence of His love. Nothing more, for God is not subject to passion or fits of rage. No: calmness is never absent from God. Does not the whole creation move in harmony? How, then, should God be angered, as men are, when their work goes wrong? Why should God hate when He can exterminate and destroy? Annihilation is in His power, but it would only be by His absorbing the soul of man; for out of God it proceeded and thus it is, that of all His works only this is immortal. God can not die nor be destroyed. To suppose it, would be folly . Neither can any part of Him die or be destroyed, because, if part could be, the whole might be destroyed.

What, then, do I call you to perform in preparation for death? WHAT? Not a sudden change of all your habits and emotions and mode of thinking. No, I ask you only to listen to God, who will teach His children of His ways, who will write His law on their hearts, who will put it in their inward parts; who will enter in, and sup with you and you with Him, in a holy and blessed communion, of which no one can partake without the preparation of a willing mind and a changed heart--—-a heart changed from evil to good; from self to God; from all that relates to earth to such as relates to Heaven. How will you obtain all these bless~gs, which you will easily admit are most desirable and are also proper preparations for death?

I will tell you what to do. For, since the day in which Pilate asked, What is truth? the question has never been fully answered. Indeed, its answer has hardly been attempted. Shall I venture to declare it now? Will the world, so full of pride, of arrogance, of crime and of self-esteem, receive my answer---—given, too, through so humble a medium as I am now using? He is a man whose religious notions have never been approved by any society of men, though he has belonged to one, by a chance; who has departed from the faith he formerly held, and who now is willing to receive truth from heavenly sources without asking the spirit also whence it comes or whither it goes; who is willing to believe himself in God s hands without requiring that only God should handle him; who has not felt the love of God ;n his heart until he was sure that God loved him by reason of His goodness and of His nature; until he had reason and revelation agreeing in his mind to thus declare, that what is good comes from God, and evil can not proceed from a good and pure source; but that man must be saved by God’s mercy, if saved at all, because, of himself, he can do nothing, accomplish no good and withstand no temptation. He is a man who has often and earnestly prayed to know the truth and be brought under its heavenly teachings by Divine aid.

How, then, will I answer you, ye scoffers, when this faithful asker has waited so long unanswered and, while groping, as it were, in the dark, has so often fancied he saw light and has as often found himself deceived and left unsatisfied? But I will address Myself to him and to you, to high and low, rich and poor, noble and ignoble, priest and flock, believer and unbeliever, until all who are willing to receive the truth in its simplicity, by its internal evidence, shall be convinced; until all who are willing to be more blessed than was the disciple Thomas, shall have received their blessing. Then will God’s thunders roar out conviction to stubborn fools and graceless scamps, who choose to serve their lusts; who fear to receive the truth because it would deprive them of their trades; who having long lived in the enjoyment of the world are unwilling to leave it for a dark and doubtful future, unwilling to trust to God’s mercy, preferring to trust to a stock of service treasured up for them through the works of fellow-men, who were themselves saved only by God’s mercy. Alas; in that day the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars of heaven shall fall to the ground and disappear forever. And what kind of bodies will these stars and sun and moon prove to be? Naught but the lofty dignitaries of the several hierarchies that usurp power over the bodies and souls of men. Their power was given them for a season but in one hour it shall be destroyed. Then shall the multitude, standing afar off, weep for the destruction that shall come upon all flesh. The ships that go down to Tarshish and those that get the gold of Ophir shall mourn, for no man will buy their merchandise any more. Alas! Alas! they will say, for that treat city, which consumed the fruits of the labor of men, which was so splendid and so overgrown, so lofty and so grand in its claims, so powerful and so full of the glory of men.

Now, all these thing have been prophesied of before and ye have sought to give the prophecies private interpretations. No scripture is of private interpretation. The letter killeth but the spirit giveth life. But do not suppose that the sense must, necessarily, be obscure because you must take its spirit. On the contrary, reason will greatly aid you in understanding scripture; without reason it can not be understood and without the exercise of reason you can not understand it. True, the wayfaring, or plain, common-sense man, can not err therein, but those who strain for effect and swallow impossibilities, can never be right in their construction.

There are many things I have to say to you, but ye can not bear them now, was said long ago by One who, you admit, knew what was best for those who heard Him. But now, if I say it, you will hardly be satisfied. You will call on Me to stand and deliver. You will try to obtain by force, or by threats, what is not yours; and to thus authorizes Me to say and that is only what you are prepared to hear with some kind of patience. If I should declare all to you, you would be overwhelmed and would despair of ever being found worthy to receive God’s mercy, though it is as infinite as any other part of Him, and as necessary to His perfection as life itself. What, then, is to be done? I shall refer you to the Comforter, the Spirit of God. He shall come to you and teach you all things, even the deep things of God.

And now, it is expedient that I go away to the next part of my subject; or you would never be willing to receive any other Comforter than this outward address of God through your bodily senses. . But, when you are willing, the Comforter will take up His abode in your heart and will address Himself to you spiritually. His voice will be heard rebuking you, in the cool of the day. He will be found prompting you to good works, to lofty a aspirations, to everything that will elevate and refine, and He will warn you with pleadings of love, ere He leaves you, if you u once admit Him to your heart. How long, 0 wicked and perverse generation, shall I strive with you? I swear, saith God, ‘that I will not always strive with man, whose breath is in his nostrils, and who goeth down to the pit. No: I will raise him, even at the expense of his free-will, if necessary. But it shall not be necessary and the day of salvation is hand! Repent ye, fôr I will not be put off.

This language, you say\is all assumed ;for I have not shown that God has authorized me to speak for Him. I ought, you say, to do some work, to perform some miracle , to establish some church where’ the authorized body might speak for God and thus assume power over men. But I, who am a servant of God, in pnity with His other trusted servants, and desirous only to do His will, care not fo~ reproach, or sneers. He saved others, now let Him save Himself! was once said to the greatest miracle -worker the earth ever saw. And how was it received? Father, forgive them: they know not what they do! Alas! that men should in eighteen hundred years have made  no more progress than to repeat the sayings of their fathers, who stoned the prophets, and destroyed the sons of the prophets, and cast down the altars they had erected to the living God.



Rewards, to Spiritually Minded Men, of their Progress

M an at first had no religious notions other than such as were common to the lower animals. But Noah was divinely inspired, and endeavored to awaken in them a desire for spiritual progress. He did not succeed in turning a single one of all the race to a surrender of his will to God. But when he taught his descendants, he warned them by the fate of their predecessors on the earth to be attentive to the Divine Influx, and for thousands of years they were

 For many ten thousands of years they obeyed the warnings and submitted to the direction of God’s spirits, transmitted through the various holy mediums who were trained for that purpose. They, too, were individually attentive to the Divine Influx or Word within themselves. Yet their disobedience and want of submission was so great that none of them made rapid advancement in the spirit world or existence. How is it that they were so obedient and yet so disobedient? They were obedient to the holy mediums but not to their own reception. It is the latter that effects the salvation of the soul. Then holy mediums ought certainly to make rapid progress in the next state! Not necessarily, because a medium may be used without his being passive. He may be passive to reception without being submissive in action. This is the state of My present holy medium. He receives passively but he reserves his action until I withdraw. Then he acts in his own will.

But do you not require this kind of action? Do you not say that mediums should act for themselves and not leave their whole efforts to God! No. I say mediums should desire to submit their actions to God’s will, and that to be perfect they should have no will of their own. But this would raise them to the sixth sphere! Not quite yet, My reader. The will must be passive; then they receive correctly. Their actions must be in accordance with what they receive then they are submissive in action. Because they are told they may do a thing once, they are not to suppose they may do it again or all the time. Because once they have resisted without evil results, they are not to suppose they may continue to be resisting. No, submission comprises not merely the surrender of the will, but a seeking for direction in order that it may be obeyed or followed. Then God will direct and the holy medium can act in the will of the fourth sphere, which is the highest to which man in the body can arrive.

What then do I lack?

All these have I kept from my youth upwards! Sell that thou hast, give to the poor, and follow Me. This was the answer; this is the answer to all who think they have done anything. But does this mean that you are to work no longer? That you are to sacrifice you property, your business, your family, yourself, and to wander about as an object of charity? Oh, no. It means spiritually that you should have nothing: no will, no power, no action except as you are directed to have them; that you should part with everything that you suppose yourself to be the spiritual possessor of, so that you can offer your mind or soul as a pure blank tablet upon which God may then write what may best please Him; that you should ever be ready to dispense spiritual bounties to those who need them; and that you should do not only this but that you should do as Jesus did. He sacrificed Himself fully. He gave Himself, a ransom for many, for He sacrificed His time, His comforts and enjoyments of the home circle in order that He might preach and warn and persuade and threaten the sinner or the ignorant teacher or professor.

When shall you begin to prepare for this progress? If you do not begin now you cannot progress as fast as you may. “Time once past never returns.” Let the past take care of itself. Let the dead bury their dead; do you press forward to life eternal. If you do not begin now, you may make no beginning in the body. You may do worse; you may retrograde. Then begin now, whilst you feel some inclination, whilst you can perceive, and I do see in your heart or mind some inclination to do so. Begin, and I will help you. Begin by making the prayer I gave you in the twenty-first chapter and progress to make it with the additions in the twenty-eighth chapter, and you will make progress; indeed, when by according with it you have made that prayer your own, you will already have made great progress—great progress . Let it be for awhile your daily prayer, for until you have fully mastered every desire in you contrary to its spirit and meaning, you cannot have peace. When you have mastered all those contrary desires and laid yourself in submission of your free-will at the feet of God, you will have that peace which the world cannot give, neither can it take away.

Perhaps you have never had a taste of this peace. If you have not, you know not how great is the reward I offer you. It passes all understanding, and the reason of man can never comprehend it.  It must be experienced to have any correct idea or knowledge of it.    It is as f at beyond contentment as contentment is beyond repining; as far beyond joy as joy is beyond sorrow. It is quiet in its manifestation but deep in its channel. It flows ever from the pure fountain of bliss which wells in the throne of God and proceeds continually from it to every part of the universal whole, a higher universe than I have yet spoken of. Before, I spoke of an association of associations of associations combined into a whole; now I speak of a combination of these last named combinations arranged into the Great Universal Whole. Does this comprise the whole of creation? No, finite reader, infinity cannot be described to you in language comprehensible by material minds, as all minds are to a greater or less degree whilst in the body.

Let us pause, then. sod’s bliss not only proceeds to every part of the universal whole but it proceeds to every part of the infinite creation continually. It is never in the least degree scanted or lessened. From everlasting to everlasting; that is, from one indefinite period, it proceeds unabated, without limit, without cause except God’s will and mercy, without money and without price. It is this bliss which, entering into the soul of man when he has submitted himself to God, becomes within him that peace which the world can neither give nor take away.

Let us pray

O almighty, everlasting, and unappreciable God, may it please Thee to look with ineffable mercy upon this reader of Thy Revelation, so that he may understand and believe it; so that he may comprehend and receive it; so that he may feel and know the certainty of Thy Divine Word herein contained—Thy Word of Thy Power that took flesh eighteen hundred years ago and now desires to penetrate and pervade the bodies and souls of men in this transitory state of existence which they call life. 0 God! may it please Thee to aid by Thy power, sanctify by Thy grace, establish by Thy will, and confirm by Thy love and mercy, the good desires that sometimes arise in the heart of this reader. May it please Thee to help his every effort to control his passions, to overcome his base inclinations, his unworthy motives, his unwise resolves. 0 God! be merciful to him, a sinner. 0 God!! have pity on him, a low son of Earth who has aspirations at times, and hopes always to reach forward to something better without knowing how to progress or what to desire. Prepare him, 0 God, for advancement into the life to come, and for the union and communion of Thy holy spirits who desire, 0 God, to be his helpers and to serve him, as willing servants of all whom it pleases Thee to raise to the high and holy calling wherewith are called all the spirits in Thy Paradise and in every stage of their existence. Help us, 0 God, to do Thy will and perform Thy pleasure, and be our Mighty God, our Ever-lasting Counsellor, our Prince of Peace and not only, 0 God, to us, but to this reader of our revelation of Thy will . Save us and be our redeemer, 0 God, and help this reader with Thy sure power so that he too shall be speedily redeemed from the law of sin and death. Be his comforter, 0 God, even as Thou hast been our comforter, and be our helper to help him. Amen.

* * * * * * *



Changes of the Moon’s Surface

T he causes that hold the moon in an orbitual revolution at a rate precisely equal to its rotary one are interesting and instructive. Their explanation will also remove an objection or argument against the revelation I have made known of the formation of this body from a ring. It is easy to suppose that bodies having a rapid axial revolution might become round after winding up into a ball or spherical body. But how could the moon get this spherical shape and have an axial revolution precisely equal to its orbitual revolution?

At first the moon’s rotary or axial revolution was quite rapid, produced in the way I have described. Then it ceased to revolve in consequence of a flattened pole. This became so flat as to be thinner than would be self-supporting. It collapsed and fell to the inner crust. The inner crust, again having no counterbalancing attraction to sustain its equilibrium, also met by attraction the opposite side of the outer crust, So the moon became really a shell open at one part of its periphery, containing a ball resting on the inner part of the shell opposite to the opening. It then presented this heavy side, where the two crusts touched or joined each other, to the earth, and by the earth’s attraction it is ever maintained in that presentation. The opening, which is about eighty degrees across, is consequently ever invisible to the earth’s inhabitants, though it is seen from other planetary bodies and from the sun. It is also so small as not to interfere with the presentation of a globular shadow during eclipses. This form of the moon is an anomaly in this solar system. But other systems have similar cases though they are comparatively rare.

* * * * * * *



Nature of Heat, and Condition and Climate

of the Sun and Other Bodies

The cause of the supposed increase of heat towards the center of the earth is the concentration or solidification of matter, which is continually going on . By this the latent heat of gases, liquids, and softer solids is set free. This heat then reaches the surface of the earth’s crust by degrees, by transmission through the solid matter. When it reaches the surface it is dissipated again into the gases and atmosphere, which retain and multiply and guard it.

But the atmosphere does not grow warmer; at least it has not within the memory or historical records of man, but rather the contrary! The caloric, or heat, which is a definite substance as much as is a gas, extends itself in an extremely rarified form in the upper or outer regions of the atmosphere, and would in time become luminous like the sun if it were not returned to the earth by the sun’s rays, which thus obtain their heat. There is now no more heat brought to the earth’s surface than formerly, because formerly that derived from the interior was much greater, since the changes from aeriform to liquid, and liquid to solid, proceeded then with great rapidity and nearer the surface. The changes are now more distant, and are also fewer there.

But the reservoir of heat in the atmosphere has increased and the sun’s rays are more fervent than ever were experienced since before the deluge. The luminous appearance of all the stars is obtained from this source. The faint luminosity of the moon and of the other planets, as may be observed to exist when portions are visible to us unilluminated by the sun, is caused by this collection or reservoir of caloric in the higher or outer region of atmosphere surrounding each.

The spots on the sun are caused by depressions of its calorific stratum which themselves result from an attraction by its internal crust of solid matter, which at times draws into itsclf a vast portion of the outer crust, and into this chasm the atmosphere rushes. For the consequence of the solidification or concentration of the interior matter is the formation of a vacuum between the two crusts, and until the outer shell is strong enough to sustain its own gravity and form, it is liable to these collapses.

Now, with a brief sketch of the climate of the sun, I will close My explanation of the solar system. The sun receives no heat from other bodies as the planets do from it. But it possesses great internal heat because the process of solidification or concentration proceeds rapidly and on a large scale. Its surface, therefore, is warmed by its internal heat. Its atmosphere is also highly rarified and warmed by the same cause. Its light is derived from its own luminous atmosphere and it is only through the occasional openings or spots, as men call them, in its luminous atmosphere that its inhabitants can look out upon the glories of the great expanse. Their knowledge of it, therefore, is very limited. But the beings existing upon its surface are of a high order, because they are the result of successive formations like Adam and Noah, taking place after each successive departure of its attendant planets. In all other respects of its scenery and inhabitants it resembles the earth and other planets.

Comets are fragments of atmosphere arising at the times of disruption of planets or planetary rings from the sun. When they approach the sun they become luminous by the reflection of its rays from their denser portions. But this denser portion becomes elongated by the powerful attraction of the sun, which brings its more solid portion into an accelerated progress as it reaches nearer and nearer the focus of its orbit. None of these bodies extends far beyond the outermost planet’s orbit, though some reach so far as to be lost to the sun’s attraction and fall into the atmosphere of some other body of the solar system.

The Aurora Borealis is caused by a movement in the stratum of the atmosphere, which is highly calorific, and the movement of its particles makes the calorific stratum luminous, thus forming a faint representation of the manner in which the sun is heated and lighted from its own luminous atmospheric stratum.

Now a word upon aerolites or falling bodies which occasionally reach the earth and are often seen in their progress through the luminous stratum of atmosphere, where their rapid motion produces such a disturbance as makes visible their course but not their mass. These foreign bodies are the fragments of planets and of the sun set free at the time of various disruptions of the rings of those bodies, and since then revolving in erratic courses about the sun or the earth. At first they are gaseous, then fluid, and finally solid They are, in fact, comets solidified and, like most comets, small Very few of the comets would weigh twenty tons if placed upon the earth.

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