I’ll Not Worry ‘Bout Tomorrow

by: Mary E. Herrington

I’ll not worry ‘bout tomorrow;

I’ll toil but for today.

I’ll trust my heav’nly Father

To guide and light the way.

I’ll take my many burdens

And lay them at His feet

While trusting him completely

My ev’ry need to meet.

O, He is a loving Father,

A most unfailing friend;

He sent His Son to save me,

His love, it knows no end.

Before I even tell Him,

He knows what’s on my mind.

It’s not hard to talk to him,

He’s gentle and so kind.

I lift mine eyes to praise ’Him

‘Tis then He takes my hand

And soon I hear Him whisper,

“My child, I understand.”

I’ll trust my heav’ly Father

To guide and light my way,

I’ll not worry ‘bout tomorrow...

I’ll toil but for today!

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