The Law of the Universe

Karma is the law of cause and effect. Everything and everyone in this world is bound by karma. Karma determines not only the physical circumstances of your life, but also your mental state. As long as you are bound by karma you will continue to experience birth, death, and rebirth


The word karma means action. The idea behind karma is quite simple: For every action that a human being creates or participates in there is both a short and long term reaction. Most persons think of karma in physical terms. They suppose, for example, that if in this lifetime they shoot a person, in their next lifetime they will be shot and killed by some-

one; and if, on the other hand, they save someone’s life, they believe that one day their life will be saved as a result of their previous action.


While there may be some truth to this type of active karma, most karmas have little or nothing to do with physical actions and reactions. Most karmas have to do with a person’s mental and psychic states of awareness These karmas do not take years or lifetimes to affect someone, but occur



Instant karma occurs at every moment. It is determined not so much by your actions, but by your intentions, If you send love to others without thought of reward or personal gratification then your consciousness will immediately rise to a happier and clearer strata. This is your instant karma. If you send hate or jealousy to someone, from the very moment you begin to transmit these emotions your consciousness will take a nose-dive and you will feel unhappy, angry and tormented.


Instant karma determines happiness and unhappiness. All states of consciousness, moods and levels of awareness are direct results of your mental karma. Mental karma usually follows specific progressions throughout a person’s lifetime. Thus, if a person sends love, support and inspiration to others constantly, there will be a dramatic rise in their cons cious awareness throughout their lifetime. Persons who send lower energies to others will sink into lower and lower states of depression and



Some people are confused by the results of their karma. They make a fundamental error by trying to associate their mental karmas with physical experiences. For example, a person who only wishes others well and dedicates their life to self-giving may find many misfortunes befalling them. They find it difficult to understand why this is so. In their mind’s eye they cannot understand the justice of the universe.


They may observe someone who constantly takes advantage of others

who appears to flourish. Where, they wonder, is justice? Justice does not necessarily come into the physical world. Karmic justice occurs in our states of awareness. All heavens and hells are created within you by your own thoughts. When you feel love and compassion towards all beings, then regardless of your physical circumstances you will be happy. If you live in a world of hate and selfishness then, although you may be successful in the material world, you will never know what happiness really is. Your instant mental karma is dissatisfaction. You will never be able to enjoy what you have. An endless procession of desires will torment you, leaving you no peace.


Karma is neither bad nor good—only thinking makes it so. What one person considers bad karma may be seen as good karma by someone else. Good karma leads to happiness and bad karma leads to unhappiness

But neither good karma nor bad karma will bring a person to a state of Spiritual Liberation, Illumination or Self Realization. In order to attain to Self Realization it is necessary to go beyond both good karma and bad karma. Either type of karma binds you to this world. In order to be free, a person must transcend all mental and physical states of being.



This can only be done through constant meditation and self giving.


When you meditate you gradually loosen the illusion of Selfhood. As long as you feel that you are a separate individual, you will be bound by the results of your mental states. But when you realize that you are undiffer- entiated consciousness — that you are limitless and infinite —then karma can no longer have any bearing upon your existence. There is no longer a ‘“you” to be affected.


When smoke passes through a building it leaves a stain upon the walls. When smoke passes through the clear air it leaves nothing behind. As long as an individual clings to his ego and limited identity he will be affected by desires, moods and karmas. But when a person attains Illumination his ego dissolves and he is no longer affected by the desires, sensations and karmas that pass through his mind. After a person has attained Illumination they can still exist in the relative world. They will still possess a personality and have a human side. Attaining Illumination does not mean that a person will cease to feel love, happiness and other emotions. It simply means that a person has blended their personal consciousness with Eternity. They and Eternity can no longer be separated. They live in this world but remain unaffected by it. They live in a constant consciousness of Bliss.


Illumination comes in two forms. In one form it is personal. The conscious awareness of an Illumined person is their personality. After Illumination dawns, however, the personality becomes fluid. Like a piece of glass that has been in the ocean for many years, the personality of an Illumined Person loses all of its cutting edges; they become childlike and act as instruments of the Highest Reality. At the same time, when an Illumined Person is not acting through their personality—when they are absorbed in meditation— they vanish into Nirvana and there is no self or personality.


If a person seeks to put un end to unhappiness and frustration in their life, they must only create good karma. Gradually, their good karma will destroy the chain of their bad karma. Once they have established themselves in good karma they will be happy and fulfilled.


Then, from a state of good karma, a person must lift themselves into union with all existence. In Nirvana they will lose and find themselves eternally. Then and then alone is there rest and fulfillment beyond fulfillment. Only then is the chain of karma broken forever.




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