Is there a God?

Scientists say YES!

F AMOUS PHYSICIST ALBERT EINSTEIN DECLARED HIS FAITH IN THE ALMIGHTY with the famous declaration: “God does not play dice with the universe.”

Now a new study reveals that a vast majority of scientists believe in the existence of God, too. A whopping 62 percent overall of physical scientists — researchers in fields like chemistry, biology and physics — believe a spiritual being controls the universe, according to the Rice University survey.

Meanwhile, an awesome 69 percent of social scientists are true believers, reports the study in which sociologist Elaine Howard Ecklund polled 1,645 professors at top-notch research universities. “Based on previous research, we thought that social scientists would be less likely to practice religion than natural scientists,” says Ecklund. “But our data showed just the opposite.”

And even naysayers couldn’t deny their intuitive sense of spiritual wonder about theuniverse, says Ecklund. “Many scientists see themselves as having a spirituality not attached to a particular religious tradition,” says Ecklund. “Some scientists who don’t believe in God see themselves as very spiritual people. They have a way outside themselves that they use to understand the meaning of life.”

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