Organizations can avoid awkward situations by consulting this list!

By: Anne Chadwell Humphries
(Knight Ridder News Service)

Each year organizations around the country are publicly embarrassed by scheduling a major event on a holy day observed by many members of the community. (Not to mention their customers )

The sponsoring group looks shortsighted. (And stupid) The participants are torn between the two events, and an awkward situation could have been avoided easily had there been a little foresight and awareness of the most prominent holy days.

Following is a list of holy days for 1998. The spellings and pronunciations vary, but are cross-referenced in a number of books.(Available at your local library)

As a rule of thumb: mark the eve before the actual day on your calendar, because if people don稚 worship that evening they may be preparing for the next day痴 activities.

December 31, 1997 First of Ramadan Islam

January 7th
(Old Calendar) Christmas, Eastern Christianity

January 15th Coming of Age Day, Shinto

January 29th Eid-ul-Fitr, Islam

January 31st Chinese/Vietnamese New Year, Buddhism

February 25th Mahashivaratri, Hindu

February 25th Ash Wednesday, Western Christianity

March 2nd Lent Monday, Eastern Christianity

March 13th Holi, Hinduism

March 21st New Years, Baha段

April 5th -11th Holy Week, Western Christianity

April 5th Palm Sunday, Western Christianity

April 5th Ramanavami, Hindu

April 7th Eid-ul-Adha, Islam

April 9th Maundy Thursday, Western Christianity

April 10th Good Friday, Western Christianity

April 11th - 18th
(especially 11, 12, 17, & 18) Pesah/Passover, Judaism

April 12th Easter, Western Christianity

April 12th - 17th Holy Week. Eastern Christianity

April 12th Palm Sunday, Eastern Christianity

April 13th - 14th Saka (Theravada Buddhists) Buddhism

April 13th Baisakhi, Hinduism/Sikhism

April 16th Holy Thursday, Eastern Christianity

April 17th Holy Friday, Eastern Christianity

April 19th Pascha, Eastern Christianity

April 21th - May 2nd Feast of Ridvan, Baha段

May 10th Wesak, Buddhism

May 23rd Declaration of the Bab, Baha段

May 29th Ascension of Bab置値lah, Baha段

May 31st - June 1st Shavout, Judaism

July 9th Martyrdom of Bab, Baha段.

August 14th Janmasthami/Sri Krishna Jayanti, Hindu

August 26th Ganesh Chaturthi, Hinduism.

September 21st - 22nd Rosh Hashanah, Judaism.

September 30th Yom Kippur, Judaism

September 30th Vijayadashami/Dassehra, Hinduism

October 5th - 12th Sukkot, Judaism (especially 5th and 6th )

October 12th Shmini Atzeret, Judaism

October 13th Simchat Torah, Judaism

October 19th Diwali, Hinduism/Buddhism/Sikhism.

October 20th Birth of Bab, Baha段.

October 22nd Installation of the Holy Sikhism Scriptures

November 4th Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sikhism.

November 12th Birth of Buha置値lah, Baha段

December 14th First night of Hanukkah, Judaism

December 20th First of Ramadan, Islam.

December 25th Christmas, Western Christianity .Some Eastern Christians

December 26th - Jan 1st Kwanazaa (Cultural observation)

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