See Lahaina Noon tomorrow.

The sun will be directly overhead in the islands starting tomorrow on Kauai ----- an event know as Lahaina Noon, when tall, straight things, such as flagpoles cast NO shadows.

Hawaii is the only state in the Union to experience this phenomenon.

The general belief is not true that “the sun is always overhead at noon.” according to the Bishop Museum Planetarium. The sun is never overhead in temperate and arctic zones, just in the tropics: the region from 23.5 degrees North latitude to 23.5 degrees South, the planetarium reported officially.

Lahaina Noon occurs two days a year. In the eight major Hawaiian Islands and other locations in the tropics, and only once a year on the edge of the tropics, near the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.

The first Lahaina Noons occurred in the Hawaiian Islands in May. They do not happen exactly at noon, but at “local time,” when the sun is at its highest point for a specific location. The event got its official name in a contest held by the museum about 1992, some 12 years ago, since there was no term for “the day when the sun is exactly overhead at local noon.” Lahaina means “cruel sun” in Hawaiian.

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