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September 2001 – page 5

When asked once for a succinct definition of “Science of Mind,’ Ernest Holmes, Founder (1887-1960) is said to have thought for a moment and then responded, “Science of Mind is a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy, and revelations of religion applied to the needs and aspirations of humankind.” In our work here we tend to emphasize the religious or spiritual aspects, with occasional forays into the sciences. Rarely, at least in recent years, do we address philosophy per se. A notable exception is an article by Dr.Sage Eileen Bennet, published in March 2000, that identifies some of the major philosophical insights present in the Science of Mind teaching.

On the other hand, as Dr. Bennett observes, philosophy----which means literally “love of wisdom”----represents an inner yearning of the human soul for answers to perennial questions about life’s purpose, the requisites of happiness, and what it means to be “good” in an ethical sense. Whenever people are engaged in seeking answers to such questions, they are involved in a philosophical pursuit.

Thus we need not be studying works of the world’s great philosophers to be “philosophical”; what matters is the nature of the questions we’re asking. Christopher Phillips would certainly agree .Starting with the premise of the ancient Greek philosophers that an unexamined life is not worth living, Phillips has traveled throughout this country and abroad promoting with surprising success his “:Socrates café” idea—informal gatherings where people may discuss life’s perennial questions.

An underlying theme in this issue is lifelong learning, the essence of Holmes admonition about remaining “open at the top.” One of the most challenging, and highly rewarding, experiences in my lifelong learning has been the 18 month period during which I served as Editor-in-Chief.

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