I realize that these teachings that High Teachers give
May be hard to accept at the moment
But once you realize this Truth of God
You will know exactly what Jesus meant

He tells you that God is a loving God
Who hold no ill towards any man
He tells us that we are all his children
And He gives to all as much as He can

We must know that God made everything
The mountains, lakes, and ocean breeze
The beautiful flowers and all of the birds
Every animal, insect, and all of the trees

Now surely you could understand
The loving thoughts He has for man
He never intended for you to be ill
For He has every cure in the palm of His hand

There may be a reason to slow you down
Sometimes to change the way your are living
You may be taking too much from others
He is showing it is time for you to be giving

This strength of God is all around you
It heals, it cures, it blesses all
When once you feel this loving force
You know He will help you in case that you fall

Great strength of God lies just beyond you
Just waiting for you to stop and tune in
No need to have pain and long suffering
All you have to do is listen deep within.

Adele Gerard Tinning
July 21, 1974

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