• Among skiers, it’s said, men tend to fall forward, women backward.

• According to the latest studies of the Love and War statisticians: If a woman doesn’t marry until she’s 32, chances are the man she eventually does marry, if any, will be at least 12 years older than herself.

• Rangers say Yellowstone’s mountain lions weigh as much as 25 pounds more than mountain lions elsewhere. They eat more, I gather. Small furry snacks, or whatever.

• In the minds of most Americans, the heroic warriors of old Japan were the samurai swordsmen. Few realize Japan once was the world’s foremost maker of guns. With the greatest gunners. But when Japan rejected Western influence in the 18th century, it also rejected gunpowder weapons, thus utterly empowering again the feudal samurai, an elite which at its peak represented about 5 percent of the population.

• Those who purport to know say any shampoo that contains coconut oil will kill lice. Eventually.

• According to the historical footnotes, an Anglo-Saxon husband of old could divorce his wife for any of many certified reasons, including that she was silly or passionate or both.

• Query to the left-hander: Is it a fact your mother was left-handed but your father was not? A study of 5,000 left-handers indicates chances are that’s true.

* An ordinance of Willowdale, Oregon prohibits profanity during sex.

* Bottled beer with foil on the bottle sells better Marketing experts says they’ve definitely proved that.

• The 27th president of the United States, William Howard Taft, said flatly: “Poli- tics, when I am in it, makes me sick.”

• In 1980, John Coleman of Paw Paw, Michigan, developed a wine made from onions, but you don’t smell it around much anymore.

• Still unknown is whether Greenland is one island or several locked in ice.

• A mare’s hooves grow faster than a stallion’s.

* Another big reason you hardly ever see any Finnish hedgehogs is they hibernate seven months a year and sleep 18 hours a day when they are not hibernating.

* Centuries ago, when a shoemaker worked alone, he talked. Not to himself, exactly. To his nails. He addressed them by name, and asked them how they were doing today, and so on. It was a tradition of that profession.

• Remarkable how your body turns food into energy. With that efficiency, according to experts, if you were a car, you’d get 900 miles to the gallon.

• Surely you can’t buy the notion that the dill pickle is a fruit. Must be, though. The cucumber is a fruit.


• To his list of redundancies, our Language man has added “forewarned” and “untapped potential.”

• A Love and War expert contends the high divorce rate doesn’t so much signify a failure of love as a common determination not to live without it.

• Do the football watchers around your scatter think they know the game? Test them. Odds are they can’t tell you the exact width of the field — 53½ yards.

• Claim is Borneo, that one island, has more plant species than all of Africa.

• Alexander the Great was not the only human interred in a crock of honey. Ancient Egyptians routinely buried many of their dead that way.

* Spanish moss is more closely related to pineapple than to any real moss, accord- ing to the people whose business it is to know such things.

• Most engaged couples who break up their romances do so sometime between 9 P.M. and midnight.

• “Birdbrain” isn’t much of an insult. A bird’s brain is fairly sizable compared to other animals” . But not so the brain of a fish. For accuracy of insult, advises one authority, say “fishbrain.”

* Why a mother elephant carries a male elephant two months longer than she carries a female elephant is not clear yet, says the pachyderm people that should know.

Q. More English language words start with “S” than with any other letter. But what letters come next?

A. “C” , then “P.” 

Q. Are there any railroads between towns in Greenland?

 A. Railroads? Aren’t even any roads!

Q. Why do some horse-race tracks, most that is, use plastic flowers for the winner’s circle wreaths?

A. The horses would eat the real ones.

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