By Lou Boyd

• Many an old house above Norway’s coasts was cut into a lot with a 35-degree slope, and it was once customary to tether the children when outdoors they wouldn’t fall out of their front yards.

• Claim is a pro basketball player runs farther in two games than does a pro football player in an entire season.

• “Pet” started out meaning orphaned lamb.

• Dread of beds — clinophobia — is another of those odd fears suffered by a hapless few.

• The human figure seems smaller at rest than in motion, peculiarly. That’s why the designers of wax figures and clothing mannequins make them just a little bit bigger than life-size. To compensate for the immobility.

• Winner of an ice-skating race is the one who first moves both skates — Did you get that “both”? — across the finish line.

• The moon isn’t round, exactly. It’s sort of egg-shaped. A little. With the small end.pointing toward the Earth.

• It’s the tall people who are most uncomfortable in wheelchairs, says a hospital psychologist. “They’re not used to being looked down on.”

           • When you tell somebody the size of a sugar-maple grove, you don’t give a tree but rather the number of buckets hung. For example: It’s a 1,400-bucket maple grove.

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