by: Raymond Moody, M.D


I FIRST READ OF DANNION BRINKLEY in an article in an Augusta, Georgia, newspaper. The story reported that a young man in a nearby South Carolina community had been struck in the head by lightning while talking on the telephone and had been miraculously resuscitated from a cardiac arrest. He was still alive but was hanging by a thread. He was in very critical condition, and it sounded as though he might not survive.

The year was 1975, and my book “Life After Life” was about to be published. I remember wondering at the time if he had had a near-death experience. I filed the newspaper article away, thinking that sometime in the future I would check on his status and perhaps even look him up if he were still alive. As it happened, it was he who looked me up. I was giving a lecture at a community college in South Carolina on near-death experiences and my studies of people who had had these deeply spiritual experiences while on the threshold of death. During the discussion period at the end of the talk, Dannion raised his hand and told of his experience. He held the audience spellbound with his dramatic story. He told the people in the room that he had left his body after being “killed” by lightning and journeyed to a spiritual realm where love permeates everything and knowledge is as accessible as air. As he told his story, I suddenly realized that this was the young man I had read about in the newspaper.

Afterward, I made an appointment to interview him and went to his home to listen to his story. To this day, Dannion Brinkley’s near-death experience stands as one of the most remarkable I have heard. He saw his own dead body twice, when he left it and when he returned, and in between he went to a spiritual realm populated by kind and powerful beings who allowed him to see his life in full review and assess his own successes and failures. Then we went to a beautiful city of crystal and light and sat in the presence of thirteen Beings of Light who filled him with knowledge. Most amazing was the type of knowledge to which they exposed him. In the presence of these spiritual beings, Dannion said, he was allowed a glimpse of the future.

He told me what he saw, all of which I considered to be nonsense, the ravings of a young man fried by lightning. For instance, he told me that the breakdown of the Soviet Union would occur in 1989 and would be marked by food riots. He even told of a great war in the deserts of the Middle East that would be fought when a small country was invaded by a large one. According to the Beings of Light, there would be a clashing of two armies, one of which would be destroyed. This was would take place in 1990, Dannion insisted. The war he was talking about was, of course, the Gulf War.

As I have already said, I considered his predictions to be pure nonsense. Over the years I have just nodded and written down what he has said. For a long time I thought that his brain was somewhat scrambled by the incident, and I was willing to give him a considerable amount of latitude. After all, I reasoned, who wouldn’t be a little strange after being struck in the head by lightning? Later it was I who acted like a person struck in the head by lightning when I realized that the events he had told me about were coming true! How could this be? I wondered. How could a near-death experience lead to the capacity to see into the future? I didn’t know the answer

I have been a close friend of Dannion since we first talked in 1976. In those intervening years another revelation has made me feel as if I have been struck by lightning. Dannion Brinkley appears to be able to read minds!

He has done this many times with me—simply looked me right in the eyes and told me what was going on in the most personal aspects of my life. More important, I have seen him apparently read the minds of total strangers, telling them what they received in the mail that very day, who telephoned them, or how they felt about their spouses, children, even themselves. He doesn’t do this in the form of vague proclamations. Rather, he is incredibly specific. He once came into a college classroom where I was teaching and knew details of the personal lives of every student in the room! He was so accurate and specific in his readings that all the class members were gasping and some were openly weeping at his revelations. I must point out here that he had never spoken to a single one of the students before entering the room. They were all strangers. I have seen him “read the minds” of perfect strangers so many times that it has become almost commonplace in my life. In fact, I have come to cherish that moment of recognition when a person’s skepticism is replaced by awe, then wonder, at the realization that his most private thoughts are being read like an open book.

How is it possible that a person who has a near-death experience is suddenly able to read minds and predict the future? In his book Transformed by the Light, Dr. Melvin Morse describes a study he conducted that shows that people who have had near-death experiences (NDEs) have three times the number of verifiable psychic experiences as do those who have never had NDEs. Their psychic abilities are not as profound as those displayed by Dannion, but they are measurable nonetheless. This study verifies others like it and proves that there is something about these deeply spiritual experiences that stimulates extrasensory perceptions in the people who have them.

In the end, I admit to being stymied by Dannion Brinkley. At the same time, I am

somewhat comforted by his story. It is, after all, a mystery, but mysteries like this one propel us forward in search of answers.

Raymond Moody, M.D



“Saved by the Light.

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Copyright@1994by Dannion Brinkley


If the above introduction doesn’t cause you to run right out and get this fantastic book; and the many TV appearances this amazing gentleman has made recently: or the many national personal appearances in pursuit of his lifetime mission here on earth--------NOTHING I CAN SAY HERE WILL DO THE JOB EITHER!

But, here are just a line or two from the book—

pg. 59 Humans are mighty spiritual beings. All they need to realize it that love is treating others the way they themselves want to be treated.

pg. 89. He had a review of his life that still leaves him stupefied for its vivid detail. “It was like a movie that was being watched by every sense in my body.” he said. At the end of this review he was given a special message. “Just love everybody,” a voice said in his head. Then he came back to life.

                                                                                            I REST MY CASE.

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