LOYALTY, according to Terence, is pure and perfect faith,

never showing one thing for another.

The virtue of loyalty may be compared to the cranes.

They have a king and they all serve him with more loyalty

than is encountered in any other animal. At night, when

they go to sleep, they place their king in the middle and

they surround him and they always send two or three among

them to stand guard. And these, in order not to fall asleep,

keep a foot up in the air, while the other stands on the

ground. And in the foot which is up they always hold a

stone so that, should sleep surprise them, the stone would

fall and they would feel it. And this they do out of loyalty

to one another to protect their king and the other cranes

who sleep.

 Seneca says: “He who loses faith cannot lose anything else.

” Solomon says: “Many people are called pious, but you will

not find many who are loyal.”

Socrates says: “Be loyal to those who trust you and you are

certain never to have a bad end.”

Juvenal says: “Everything on earth is praised by somebody,

criticized by somebody else—but loyalty and truthfulness

are praised by all.”

Longinus says: “There are three ways whereby a man may

become great: being loyal, telling the truth and not think-

ing idle thoughts.”

I like a Highland friend who will stand by me, not only when

I am in the right, but when I am a little in the wrong.

                                                 —SIR WALTER SCOTT

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