The Magic of Believing
The Science of setting Your Goal----- And then Reaching It.

By Claude M. Bristol

(Excerpt of Acknowledgments & Introduction)

To Dr. R.C.W.
Who gave me the first clue

To L.B.N.
Who persuaded me to use it

To E.L.B.
Who is part of it

To V.P.C. and W.C.B.
Without whose urging this book would never have been written

To Merton S. Yewdale
whose friendly advice and enthusiasm was a constant inspiration

And to The memories of great independent thinkers of all times this book is affectionately dedicated.


“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

Generally speaking, people are more interested in themselves and their success than anything else. For this reason Claude M Bristol’s book, The Magic of Believing, ought to enjoy the widest readership.

In simple straightforward language, Mr. Bristol has set forth some basic principles of the fuller use of the mind in achieving practical objectives. He has illumined these potential uses with a wealth of descriptive instances, many of them based on his own personal experiences and observations embracing many years as a newspaper man and a successful business executive. He has traveled extensively over the world and has long investigated and studied what he calls “Mind Stuff.”

Claude Bristol has been helping people to help themselves for twenty years and I have been conversant with what the author has done with this theme during the period. I am also conversant with persons mentioned in this interesting book and with various successes they have achieved.

Mr. Bristol believes deeply that any person can achieve any given aim if he believes strongly enough and he presents a well documented case to prove his point. He makes no claims to being a “mental healer,” but his observations on the relationship of mind to health are of more than a passing interest.

The Magic of Believing does not delve into the occult. At the same time it does not limit the possibilities that telepathy and the use of the subconscious present.

The Magic of Believing should be an inspiration to any one who reads it carefully because, in its development and its documentation, it is a clear picture of how the great potential possibilities of the mind may be utilized to achieve the ambitions of anyone interested.

Having served in World War I as well as having had a part in the war effort where I came in close contact with service people of World War II, and being aware of potential postwar problems, I should like to see a copy of this book in the hands of every service man and woman as well as all others sincerely interested in making a place for themselves in the years to come.

Palmer Hoyt
Editor and Publisher
The Denver Post
Denver, Colorado

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