Making Your Will - 5 Tips

1. Work closely with your spouse as you write your willóand get professional help
(That way , your family objectives can be met regardless of who dies first.)

2. Do not choose a beneficiary as a witness. If the person is called upon to validate your will, he or she may not be able to collect an inheritance.

3. Consider using percentages rather than dollar amounts when you divide you estate. (If you leave $10,000.00 to a friend and the rest to your spouse, you spouse will surely suffer if your estate should shrink to $11,000.00)

4. Donít be inflexible. If you insist that your heirs keep stock or real estate, they may suffer considerably if conditions change.

5. Alter the will by executing a new or adding a codicil. If you substitute beneficiaries by writing on the document itself, you may invalidate it completely.

February 1994

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