Letís Party, Mardi.

(Gras, that is!)

MARDI GRAS means Fat Tuesday, because it falls the day before Lent, itís traditional to go all out before the time of fasting. This brilliantly colorful celebration is a fun theme for a party.

Decorate wit the colors of Mardi Gras: purple, green and gold, the color symbols justice, faith and power. You might have guests come in costume or wear masks as they do for the really big Carnivals parade in New Orleans.

Have on hand a variety of souvenirs like the ones given away during Mardi Gras: beads in the theme colors, small toys and candy. Music can be sambas (of course), zydeco, and Bourbon Street jass. And for food search our file here for traditional

New Orleans favorites.

You will find them.

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