by: Marilyn vos Savant

Say that you now longer believe in any particular religion. Should you continue to follow the rituals of the religion in which you were raised? If you did so, wouldn’t you be a hypocrite?

“As long as you don’t intend to mislead anyone, I think it’s fine to follow any rituals you enjoy--------such as participating in holiday celebrations-----or that would be especially comforting to others whom you value highly, such as parents or dear friends. Being sociable doesn’t make you a hypocrite. At the least, I think you should happily accept any invitation involving food!”

I read that the blood vessels of an average human being would stretch 60,000 miles if laid end-to-end. Finding this amazing, if not outright unbelievable, I did some rough calculations. If a person with rectilinear proportions of 6x2x1 feet were squeezed onto a thread that stretched 60,000 miles, the diameter of that thread would be less then 1.3 thousandth of an inch. Are capillaries really that tiny? Or was, as I suspect, the information wrong?

“Capillaries are really, truly that tiny--------way thinner than the human thread you described. Many are even smaller than the red blood cells that manage to squeeze through them single file”

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