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Commuter Airlines, Regional Airlines and Domestic Carriers

If you are married and have children, commuter airlines are your ticket to a good family life. Commuter airlines allow you to have a schedule that would allow you to be at home each night. If you don’t have a family, you will have lay-over opportunities to travel to some of the world’s most exciting cities ... FREE!

Regional airlines span several states. This may give you an opportunity to visit your friends, relatives or just see different parts of the country. Domestic carriers are airlines that travel the entire United States. If you choose to be with a domestic carrier you won’t be spending a lot of time at home. Most of these flights keep you away from home for several days at a time. Some of these airlines also fly to Canada and Mexico. If you want to spend time in certain parts of of the U.S., find an airline that serves that part of the country.

International Carriers

International carriers are those which fly regularly into foreign countries. With these airlines you will get credit for every hour that you are away from home Credit hours accumulate whether you are flying, sleeping or eating as long as you are away from home. As a result, these credit hours tend to accumulate quickly. You are only allowed to be ‘in flight” for a certain amount of time each week. By the time your credit hours are at their maximum, you will be able to spend the rest of the month sightseeing or relaxing.

How To Become a Travel Consultant and Travel Free

Almost anybody can become a travel consultant. Housewives are able to work from their homes around their own time. It is a good source of “second income” and will aid in reducing the costs of family vacationing.

The job of travel consultant is ideal for retired people as well. This type of job can provide free vacations, extra income and a rejuvenation of youth and excitement. Senior citizens are a major group in the travel industry. People of the same age group with the same interests know how to help similar people, and what their fellow travelers are looking for.

The job of travel consultant is fun and easy. There are a few different ways to operate a travel consultant business. One way involves finding people who want to travel and bringing them into the agency. Whether you bring individuals or groups, you should be paid in the form of free travel or commissions. “Finders are a good way to assist travel agencies by bringing in new business.

Another way to become a free travel agent is to organize a big group of people. Friends and relatives would probably like to take a trip with you. When you have a commitment from your group, visit the travel agency and ask to speak with the owner. Tell the owner that you are interested in booking a group which you have organized through the agency . In return, you mention that you would like to be the “tour guide” and have your expenses paid for. The travel agency has nothing to’ lose and everything to gain by getting the business of such a large group. This is an excellent way for you to take a trip ..... FREE!

A final way to become a travel agent is to attend school for it. There are a variety of different schools which offer courses in travel agency related programs. Check your local library or high school counselor’s office to find the addresses of these schools.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are often considered one of the most beautiful ways to travel. Unlike airplanes, you are able to experience a vacation by the scenic route. A cruise is a time to relax and enjoy your time. It is a vacation like no other.

Cruise ships offer a variety of ways for you to spend your time. They are almost like little cities on the sea. Most cruise ships offer swimming, sunbathing and shopping during the day and live entertainment during the evening . A cruise ship is an all-in-one vacation. You will be able to meet many new people while enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean with various islands.

Most cruise ships tend to travel in the southern part of the globe. Cruise ship traffic is heavy in the Caribbean and Mediterranean areas. You will take an adventurous journey through various parts of the sea and then return to your point of departure.

Cruise ships offer a wide range of opportunities for employees. Each year there is a steady turnover of workers because once people see the world, they move on to other employment . Because the turnover rate is steady, chances for advancement are excellent if you choose to stay on.

The benefits offered by a cruise ship are spectacular!

Once you are hired, the employer pays for your flight to and from the ship’s port. Most of the time cruise lines offer free medical and dental care. But best of all, you will be able to see the world and all of its excitement for------ FREE!

Employers in the cruise ship business will be looking for friendly, eager employees who will look forward to travel as well as meeting new people. You must be 18 years of age or older to even be considered for a job. If you think that you work well with and around people, this could be the job for you!

Some of the different positions offered by cruise ships include cruise director, assistant cruise director, host, hostess, social director, youths activities coordinator, sports director, tourist office assistant, shore excursion manager, disk jockey, musician and escort. The cruise ship staff is not the only one with available new positions. The crew of this ship consists of waiters, cooks, maintenance workers and mechanics.

Advertisements for these kinds of jobs can be found in your college or city newspapers, on bulletin boards or heard on the radio. You may also be able to get information on these jobs from your local library, high school counselor’s office or at a travel agency.

Railroads and The Bus System

Railroads are a scenic way to travel across the U.S. or Europe. Although our country does not rely heavily on trains for its transportation, it’s still a viable and excellent way to travel.

AMTRAK has been looking for public support for trains, and is trying to sell more tickets to the public through travel agencies. Even if this isn’t America’s most popular form of transportation, it is still a beautiful way to tour the country. America’s bus system doesn’t seem to be a popular mode of transportation. Greyhound and Triangle lines are favorites among bus travelers. But bus traveling is inexpensive and scenic if you have all the time in the world.

More Ways to Cut Traveling Costs

There are ways to cut travel costs.

-------------- Maybe you can afford a vacation trip!

Are you up to camping? If you camp along the way, you can get by pretty reasonably. You can save on hotel rooms and on meals. When you set up camp in the late afternoon, plan to eat at your campsite . It’s fun, exciting, and inexpensive to eat outdoors. Since you will be carrying food with you for your evening meal, it will be easy to stop along the route during the day and make yourself a simple lunch, as well. You can also do breakfast in the mornings. Economical breakfasts are easy to find, however, so you may want to eat breakfast out.

If you do decide to camp as you travel, you will need to plan to stop early in the day. Campgrounds are often filled fairly early. It’s a good idea to start looking for a campsite before 5 P.M. You will want time to set up camp and make your meal, anyway.

Where will you camp? There are nice campgrounds to be found in every state. Usually, you will find the most conveniences at commercial campgrounds, but you will pay more, too . State park campgrounds are very nice. Sometimes they don’t have all of the conveniences that the commercial campgrounds have, but usually they are more reasonable . The most reasonable, and most beautiful in our opinion, are the state forest campgrounds. At these you will find very little in the way of conveniences. They usually offer what is called primitive camping - no showers. They do have a source of drinking water and restrooms with no water . Camping is probably the most economical way to travel, but it’s not for everyone.

There are other ways to cut the expense of traveling, however.

If you plan to travel by air, go shopping! That’s right. Did you think that there is a set rate for flying from one place to another. Not true. You will find that there can be a significant difference in the cost of airline tickets depending on the travel agent you are dealing with.

If you aren’t too sure where you would like to go, ask what kind of bargain packages or discount deals they have going. You might find one that is perfect for you for a fraction of regular cost. Plan your trip well in advance. This way you can take advantage of any deals that may be in effect. Sometimes you can get discounts for buying your tickets in advance. Ask for discounted travel. Ask about flying standby. Standby is a little inconvenient but the price is less.

If the flight is overbooked, give up your seat. Usually you’ll get a round trip ticket to anywhere in exchange.

Travel in the off season. You should be able to find discount trips during the off season. Ask at hotels for discounts - they often have discounts, but you will have to ask. 1f you are a senior citizen, be sure to ask for a discount for that, too. Just asking for an off season rate or asking for a senior discount will probably earn you a savings of 15 to 25 percent on your room!

Don’t eat at hotels or obvious tourist establishments. You will find the least expensive meals at restaurants that depend on local trade.

Travel within your state. Free information on points of interest is available by writing to your State Department of Tourism. Plan ahead, though. It may take three to four weeks to get the information. You will probably be surprised at how many wonderful things there are to do within a hundred miles of where you live. Mini-trips can be a lot of fun and less draining on your budget.

If you are over 50-years old, the following books will help you plan

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