Message From A Loved One

I'm sorry I have to leave you
without so much as a Goodbye.
It's much better this way, though
'cause it hurts so much to see you cry.

I didn't want to go away
so unexpectedly...
but you see, I had no choice
for God was calling me.

Though I'm not with you anymore
I'm with the Lord above
surrounded by His perfect peace
and filled with perfect love.

There's no more worry
and no more pain
and no more clouds
and no more rain.

I just want to tell you this
and I want you all to know
Don't be sad, and don't regret,
it was just my time to go.

Loved ones lost through all my life
were there to welcome me Home
and I want you to know, that even in death,
I never was alone.

-Author Unknown
Source Unknown

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