Joseph Murphy, D.D.,Ph.D.,LL.D.
Fellow of the Andhra Research University, India.

How this book can bring riches to you.

Have you ever asked yourself some of these questions? A lot of-------.

—Why is one man very rich and the other poor?

—Why does one man succeed in business while another fails in the same business?

—Why is it that one man prays for wealth and gets no answer and another member of his family prays and gets immediate results?

—Why is it that one man uses affirmations for money and success and becomes poorer and another man uses the same affirmations and gets marvelous results?

—Why is it that one man is trying to sell his house or property for a year or more with no success and his neighbor sells his home and/or property in a few days?

—Why does one man become a great success as a salesman in a particular territory and another man in the same territory becomes a failure? —Why is it one man goes up the ladder in his profession while another man with equal credentials toils and toils all his life without achieving any- thing worthwhile.

—Why is it that one man has all the money he needs to accomplish his objectives and the other man can’t make ends meet?

—Why is it that so many religious, good , kind people are always short of money and other religious people have all the money they need?

—Why is it that so many atheistic, agnostic and irreligious people succeed, prosper, become immensely wealthy and enjoy radiant health while at the same time many good , kind, moral, upright religious people suffer sickness, lack, misery and poverty?

—Why is it that some give and never receive in return and others give and they receive bountifully?

—Why does one man have a beautiful, luxurious home while another lives in the slums or a dilapidated home?

—Why is it that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

—Why is it that one sister is happily married and leads a rich life and the other sister is lonesome and frustrated?

—Why is it that one man’s belief makes him rich and the other man’s belief makes him poor, sick and a failure in life?

This book answers all the foregoing questions and is intensely practical and down-to-earth. It is intended for men and woman who wish to experience the riches which are all around them. You are here to lead a full and happy life and have all the money you need to do whatever you want to do and when you want to do it!

Money should be circulating freely in your life and there should always be a surplus of it for you.

You can get immediate results by using the laws of your mind in the right way.

There are simple, practical techniques and easy-to-do programs in every chapter of this book, enabling you to put into practice at once the art of living life gloriously, richly and abundantly. You will find detailed instructions as to how to become rich. .You will find many examples of men and women in this book who were penniless, and down and out, and yet who learned to tap the treasure house of their subconscious mind and found their true place in life, thereby attracting the riches they needed to live a full, happy and prosperous life.

In writing the many chapters of this book, I had in mind the salesman, the busboy, the housewife, the stenographer, the businessman, the clerk behind the counter, the professional man, the student, the intern in the hospital and all those who need money to fulfill their dreams, aspirations and ambitions in life. Therefore, you will find each chapter pregnant with numerous, simple, and intensely practical techniques, the what-to-do, and how-to-do-it, for impregnating your subject mind, knowing that whenever you impress the idea of wealth the right way in your subconscious, you will experience riches waiting for you on the screen of cosmic space. It is that simple to become wealthy!

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