The Missing Dollar

Three salesmen went to a hotel/motel and rented a room for $30.00

They split the cost, each man giving the desk clerk his $10.00 share.

Later, the desk clerk discovered that the price of the room was only $25.00

He handed the bellhop five $1.00 bills and asked him to return the money to the three guests. The bellhop, not knowing how to split the refund equally, returned the guests three $1.00 bills and kept $2.00 for his tip.

Here’s my question:

The three salesmen originally paid $10.00 each.

But each received a dollar back, so the room really cost them $27.00

Add the $2.00 tip the bellhop paid himself.

And the total expenditure was $29.00, not $30.00

What happened to the missing dollar?

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Answer: There is no missing dollar.

You succeeded in mixing “apples and oranges” thus giving us a fruit salad instead of a correct answer.

The total expenditure is now only $27.00 for the salesman.

The hotel clerk got his $25.00 and the bellhop got his $2.00 tip, guests got $3.00.

The error arose when you added an asset and an expense.

(an asset ,$2.00 ,added to an expense ,$27.00 , instead of the other asset, $25.00).

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