By: Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.
Noteworthy review.

Source: Science of Mind Magazine
November 2001, pgs. 29-30
Founder Ernest Holmes (1887-1960)

“.......print the whole story because if one person can gain from my misfortune, then somehow it will have been worth it.”So she printed it, and many of my friends and relatives and colleagues read it. They started calling me, and instead of saying, “we told you so,” they talked about their own relationship with money. It didn’t matter how much or how little people had, the story was always the same: a sense of disempowerment with this form of energy. After collecting stories for about three months, I decided I should develop a course that I needed to take. You have heard the old saying, If you want to learn something, teach it. So, I developed the “You and Money” course.

You say the way we do money is the way we do life. What does that mean?

Money is one of six forms of energy we’re here to become conscious of: money, time, physical vitality, creativity, enjoyment and relationship.

They are all interrelated.

From a spiritual level, how we relate to one form of energy would have information about how we relate to all forms of energy. In that sense, your relationship with money is a mirror in some way with all these other forms of energy.

Joseph Campbell said that money is concentrated energy.

You can hold it in your hands and do things with it. I’ve come to see that money is our precious life’s energy in tangible form, because it takes the energy of our life to earn it. And the question is :What use are we going to put it toward? How are we going to focus it clearly on what has meaning for us, and how are we going to wake up to where we’re leaking it, or wasting it, or using it unconsciously so that we can start to focus it?

You mentioned in hero’s path, and the first section of your book, “The Energy of Money, is called “The Hero’s Purpose.” What’s so heroic about dealing with money?

Joseph Campbell says the extent to which we consider ourselves on a hero’s journey is the extent to which we gain access to a sense of meaning that we might not otherwise have. I’ve come to see that what it takes to be a human being, to have our goals and our dreams and what we really want to have for one another, is nothing less than heroic. The hero’s. purpose, among other things, is to learn how to use the energy that surrounds us and focus it upon the contribution we are here to make. In our relationship with money, this purpose can either be empowered or thwarted, depending upon how conscious we are in our relationship with money.

One thing our culture tells us, emphatically, is that money is not spiritual.

Certain parts of our culture do. But, I think people are beginning to recognize that money is neither spiritual or nonspiritual. It’s like electricity. You can use it to light a room, or you can use it to kill a someone. The ends to which energy is put are spiritual----not the energy itself. This is a very important distinction, because sometime people avoid making money because they say it’s not conducive to being on the spiritual path. Nothing could be further from the truth. When we are conscious and awake, you can then use money to further the projects you want to have furthered, like feeding the hungry, giving to Habitat for Humanity, being able to tithe to your favorite church. There’s a whole host of things the energy of money allows you to do that put it in the spiritual realm.

In your workshop, you talk about two qualities of successful people.

What makes someone successful?

The thing about successful people is that they are willing to do what they may not want to do. There is a real distinction between willing and wanting. I may not want to do something. I may be afraid to do it. I may not have the power to do it. And yet, I can be depended on to at least try to do it.

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