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You become susceptible to different disorders as your brain develops, matures and ages. Here’s a guide to the typical age of onset.


13 - 20 yrs.

The brain begins to shrink,

losing about 2% of its weight

and volume in each successive

decade. Abnormally high loss

of gray mater during this

period may be a cause of

teenage schizophrenia.


20 - 30 yrs.

By the late 20s, information

processing begins to slow

down. Memory centers in the

hippocampus and frontal lobes

seem most affected. However,

this change is not usually

noticeable until at least age 60.


30 - 60 yrs.

Learning, memory, planning

and other complex mental

processes become more

difficult, and reacting to

stimuli takes longer. Plaques

and tangles may form in

certain brain regions.


60 - 100 yrs.

Aging, depression ,anxiety

disorders and Alzheimer’s

may alter sleep patterns. The

decline in cognitive abilities

become more pronounced.

Coordination and dexterity

are also affected.


TIME, SPECIAL ISSUE, January 20, 2003

How your mind can heal your body.

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