What The Mormon Church Owns.


TIME Magazine, Inc.

August 4, 1997, Cover story


Bonneville International Corporation.

A wholly owned church company with a total of seven (7) FM radio stations. (The maximum .allowed by the Federal Communications Commission) four (4) AM stations, two (2) television stations. Stations on the West Coast are: KIRO-AM, KIRO–FM, KIRO-TV in Seattle, Washington. KOIT-FM, San Francisco; KBIG-FM KBRT-AM in Los Angeles.

KBYU-TV, Provo

Owned & operated by the church’s Brigham Young University.

Bonneville Productions

A subsidiary of Bonneville International. Produces commercials and public service announcements.

Deseret News Publishing Company.

100% church owned. Publishes the Deseret News (the Salt Lake City after-noon paper.) The company takes care of much of the church’s printing needs but also engages in commercial printing.

Deseret Book Company

Sells official church and church-approved literature at eight (8) bookstores.


Beneficial Life Insurance Company

Wholly owned by the church. California accounts for 14% of its business

Utah Home Fire Insurance Company

Wholly owned by the church. California catamounts for 18% of its business.

Continental Western Life Insurance Company of Iowa.

Wholly owned by the church.

Deseret Mutual Benefit Association

Wholly owned by the church.


Deseret Farms of California

Two (2) commercial farms in Yolo County I Northen California siting on a total of 5,500 acres. The nonunion farm produces almonds, walnuts, corn, safflower, wheat.

Deseret Ranches of Florida.

300,000 acres near Disney World.

Elbert Farm Corporation.

14,000 acres in southern Utah.

Deseret Farms of Texas

(no disclosure)

Deseret Trust Company

Administers gifts to the church, primarily to Brigham Young University

Zion Securities Corporation

Manages and owns the church’s commercial real estate, particularly in Salt Lake City. Also, owns a 7,000-acre Hawaiian village – Laie on the Island of Oahu

Beneficial Development Company

The development arm of Zions Securities. Also in the mortgage-loan business. Finances shopping centers, industrial parks, office buildings

Utah Hotel Company

Owns and operates gtwo (2) hotels and a motel in Salt Lake City.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Major Hawaiian tourist abreaction


36-story apartment complex and office building in New York

$3.4 million worth of holdings in Nauvoo, Illinois, once seat of church power.

Sixteen (16) temples around the world.

2,600 acres of land in Nevada recently purchased from Summa Corporation.

Estimated 65 acres of downtown Salt Lake City real estate.


53.7 % of the stock in U and I Incorporated (formerly Utah-Idaho Sugar Company.

Second largest stockholder in Utah Power and Light Companies, the largest utility company in the sate with assets over $1.1 billion

Controlling stock (37%) in Zion’s Co-operative Mercantile Institute department-store chain with $44 million in assets.

$28 million worth of stock in Times Mirror Company, publishers of the Los Angeles Times.


Management Systems Corporation

Church-owned data processing firm

Deseret Industries

Similar to Salvation Army, Employs the handicapped; sells used goods.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Beehive Clothing Mills

Manufactures sacred church garments


Elementary, secondary, post-secondary schools in Mexico, Central and South America, Pacific Islands.

Brigham Young University, Utah

Enrollment 25,500

Brigham Young University, Hawaii

Enrollment 1,180

Ricks College, Idaho

Enrollment 5,800

LDS Business College, Utah

Enrollment 860.

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