Drums of Morning

Does it seem ridiculous to you to find beauty in carrots? Remember, then, that famous artists have made memorable paintings of vegetables, pictures of cans of soup and that, for color value, few things are more lovely than an ordinary vegetable stand, with its bright and varied hues of green, orange, purple, white, yellow and red. Elizabeth Coatsworth’s poem, included in Henry Neumann’s collection of poems, Drums of Morning, show you what fascinating experiences can await you even in the commonplace routine of marketing.

                To think I once saw grocery shops

                    With but a casual eye

                    And fingered figs and apricots

                    As one who came to buy.

                    To think I never dreamed of how

                    Bananas sway in rain,

                    And often looked at oranges

                    But never thought of Spain.

                    And in those wasted days I saw

                    No sails above the tea,

                    For grocery shops were grocery shops–

                    Not hemispheres to me.

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