A mature cacao tree can yield about 50 pods twice a year . Each pod holds about 40 almond-size seeds, enough to make about 10 milk chocolate bars or four dark chocolate bars.

It is generally believed that the first chocolate bar for eating was made by Englishman Joseph S. Fry in 1849, who called his creation Chocolat Délicieux a Manger (“delicious-to-eat chocolate”). His new chocolate was made possible with the invention of a press to extract cocoa butter from roasted beans. And milk chocolate was invented in 1876 by a Swiss chocolatier, Daniel Peter.

Chocolate as a popular candy got a huge boost from World war I, Soldiers were given chunks of chocolate in their rations; when they returned home, they wanted more . In the Gulf War, Hershey made a heat-resistent Desert Bar.

Some definitions: Unsweetened chocolate, used in baking, is basically pure 100% chocolate, with no sugar or milk added.

Bittersweet chocolate is the darkest of eating chocolate, It has at least 35 percent chocolate liquor. Milk chocolate has at least 10 percent chocolate liquor. Don’t be fooled by a name: dark chocolate still has sugar and milk added. The higher the cocoa percentage, the more intense the flavor.

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