by: Carl Sanburg.


The Sioux saying ran, “Love grows like hair on the black bear’s skin; it has a way.”

The Arabians spill this, “The first gray hair is a form of death’s challenge.

Read these and remember; bob your hair; or let it go long; short or long it has a way.

Read an earnest poet, “Life is earnest, let us then be up and doing.”

Or take a tip from Vogner; he did a valkyr music when he was feeling good once.

Vogner tipped us this, “Climb a tree and hoot like an owl.”

Yes , love grows like hair; the first gray hair is a one-word telegram: bob your hair; be earnest; be a valkyr.

Be acompany, a party, a picnic; be alone, a. nut, a potato, an orange blossom, a keg of nails ; if you get lost try a want ad; if night comes try a long sleep.

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