No matter what the future holds Or what tomorrow brings...

                    I know I’m safe within the arms Of Jesus Christ, my King.

                    Every day upon this earth, I feel His Spirit move...

                    I know He lives within my heart To comfort and to soothe.

                    And when I stumble, as I will, I’ll pick myself up high...

                    For in my weakness, He is strong; In darkness, He is light.

                    Gentle Jesus, hear me now And dry these tears I weep.

                    Take the burdens that I bear And heal me as I sleep.

                    And as the morning sun appears, I’ll give my thanks so true.

                    Another day has come again; My Jesus, I love You.

Jill Lemming

                                                                                  In green pastures You

                                                                                  let me graze; to safe waters

                                                                                  You lead me. Psalms 23:2

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