by: Senator Jesse Helms -1986

In the brief history of our own country since we gained our independence, we can look back upon a tremendous heritage of political freedom founded upon a biblical faith and a biblical understanding of the future of man.

Moreover, we can look back upon the material signs of God’s blessing in a fruitful and bounteous country, with success in almost every enterprise in war and peace.

American Institutions Under Attack

But, within my own lifetime, I have seen the most ferocious assaults on Christian faith and morals; first on the part intellectual community, and then on the part of the government. Especially in the last 25 years, the federal government has not even tried to conceal its hostility to religion; now, with many of own churches in disarray, the attack is being prepared against the family as the last bastion opposing the totalitarian state. Military atheists and socialists have already gone very far in imposing their views of life and man on almost every American institution.

And, just what have we reaped as a nation from our many personal and collective delinquencies? Atheistic schools, rampaging crimes, God-forsaken homes, drugs, abortions, pornography, permissiveness, a sense of cynicism, and spiritual desolation absolutely unprecedented in our country’s grand history.

The Israelites in their time also opted for the “New Morality.” They were as enthusiastic as many of our contemporary thinkers about situation ethics, for we read, “In those days, there was no king in Israel; but every man did what was right in his own eyes”( Judges 17:6).

When Did The Drift Begin?

It is debatable at just what point the United States began to drift away from its Christian heritage, but drift it did. I think we reached that point when many Americans turned away from the ideal of salvation through Christ to that of salvation through technology, or science , or material affluence , or the welfare state.

When all these turned out to be dead-ends, Americans began to seek escape, and the purveyors of drugs, pornography and vicious violence were right there to meet the need. Human nature left to its own devices has always been a wretched failure at explaining the meaning and destiny of life.

America’s Only Hope

I have often meditated upon why God choose the time and place He did for his Son to be born into the world. In the long preparation for the coming of Christ, the world has seen the tremendous achievements of many, many cavitations. But, neither the intellectual brilliance of the Greeks, or the sober morals of the ancient Romans; nor the technological and organizational genius of the later Romans were enough to still the discontent of human hearts. God finally chose an obscure outpost of a decadent empire as the birthplace of His Son, an upon all the debris of human pride and presumption there came forth the anointed Savior. From that very day to this, there has been only one Light of the World, one Hope of Mankind.

All through His earthly life, this Person took pains to point out that He was not in any way a political messiah. Quite the reverse holds true in Washington today, where many politicians and many factions contend relentlessly for the honor of being the very political messiah who will solve all our problems if only we will give them more money and more power. The order in which they receive it is not important just as long as they get both.

Looking the Right Direction, Learning the Right Lessons

By and large, our people look in the wrong direction for their deliverance. As Christians we need to work with missionary zeal to reinstate the rule of Christ in our sadly demoralized country.

As the Israelites learned time and again from the last of their enemies, it was only by repentance and submission to the God of their Fathers that they could survive and prosper.

I pray every day for a rebirth of the spiritual values that made us a nation in the first place. If the Spirit of God were to rouse 200 million Americans to action, there is no describing the greatness and glory in store for this great country, or the blessings forthcoming to all nations now held captive if and when, once again, the United States rededicates itself to the cause of freedom for all people under God’s Law.

Copyright @1986,
Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation, Philadelphia

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