LOVE IS THE LAW OF OUR NATURES. It is the ultimate of existence. It is the essence of real character, the basis of all fellowship. It is the golden cord which binds all mankind together. The inspiration of love displaces discord with peace. It produces hope, faith, compassion, tolerance and the ministry of unselfishness. The touch of love gives grandeur to the common things of life and unites the hearts of humanity. It works simply and perseveringly, and is the most effective of all forces. It is a state of being, and includes sympathy, loving kindness, pity, mercy and pure affection. Love is not a mere sentiment, nor is it an ecstatic state of human consciousness allied to passion and materialism. Love appears as material-ism disappears. Love increases as mere personal attachment and human person-ality decrease. Love manifests itself in its own kind. Its true genius is in reciprocity. It increases only as it shares itself, and multiplies and increases in proportion to the blessings it showers upon people.

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