Naughty Ladies

         1. What judge of Israel was a prostitute’s son?

         2. What two New Testament epistles speak of the

            righteousness of the prostitute Rahab?

         3. What king served as judge when two prostitutes fought

            over a child?

         4. Who had a vision of a prostitute with a city’s name

            engraved on her head?

         5. What character in a parable wasted his money on


         6. According to Jesus, what prophet had prostitutes and tax

            collectors as followers?

         7. What prophet did the Lord tell about two prostitutes

            named Oholah and Oholibah?

         8. Where did the prostitute Rahab live?

         9. Who ordered his daughter-in-law Tarnar burned because

            she had acted like a prostitute?

         10. Who married a faithless woman named Corner?

         11. Who went on a killing spree when their sister Dinah was

            treated like a prostitute?

         12. Who tricked the people of Gaza by leaving a prostitute’s

            house earlier than they expected?

         13. What epistle warns Christians against patronizing


         14. What prophet warned the priest Amaziah that his wife

            would become a prostitute?

         15. According to tradition, what follower of Jesus had been a

            prostitute, though the Bible does not refer to her as one?



Naughty Ladies (Answers)

        1. Gideon (Judges 11:1)

        2. James (2:25) and Hebrews (11:31)

        3. Solomon (1 Kings 3:16)

        4. John (Revelation 17:5)

        5. The prodigal son (Luke 15:30)

        6. John the Baptist (Matthew 21:32)

        7. Ezekiel (23:1-2 1)

        8. Jencho (Joshua 2:1-6)

        9. Judah (Genesis 38:24)

       10. Hosea (chapters 1-3)

       11. Levi and Simeon (Genesis 34:25-31)

       12. Samson (Judges 16:1-3)

       13. 1 Corinthians (6:15-16)

       14. Amos (7:17)

       15. Mary Magdalene


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