Sometimes when acting our "old lady" role,
We find a brand new lifestyle has begun.
And after ninety-eight years, we realize
That senescence isn't always lots of fun.

So, here we are in our second year
In what is known as the "Facility",
Where we loners must learn togetherness
And all 125 of us work on Community Docility.

The "Lame and the Halt" in the Bible
Were always a puzzle to me.
But when my walker and I are sashaying nowadays
We demonstrate the "Halt" bit flawlessly.

Certainly the hierarchy of Scripps
Have shown much originality
Stressing all their home care and service
To put the "hospital" into "hospitality".

Festivities in the Activities Room
Usually rely on a printed balloon,
There are 300 feet of gas in a tank there
Which is used sparingly to baffle gloom.

We have an antidote for boredom,
In the old movie channel 35,
It's delightful to see our favorites,
And wonder if they're still alive.

What really holds me together,
Is the loving solicitude of old friends,
Who take me to the doctors (three!) and shopping,
Whose patience with my foibles never ends.

We must pretend, as we enter this holiday scene
To be happy for all the XMases we've seen,
The Xmas candles still sparkle and glow,
And roses are in bloom instead of snow,

All we want for Xmas in this case
Is a fire in that old fireplace.

-Elisabeth H. Steake, 98, Christmas 1992

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