Y ou just unpacked a shiny new computer. It’s fast, powerful and cost next to nothing. The problem: that old, slow model lurking under your desk.

Castoff technology is a burden. In 2005, more than 63 million personal computers were expected to be retired, according to a recent study by the National Safety Council. Does that mean now you are stuck using that old PC asa footrest?

NOPE. Start by boning up on possible solutions at www.plugintoecycling.org, an EPA website. If your computer is recent, find a charity to take it. Enter your ZIP code at www.Goodwill.org to find a local branch, then call and ask if they want the computer. OR, if you’re lucky. the Salvation Army will pick it up. Go to www.satruck.com/MakeDonation.asp and click on your part of the country to find a donation site near you.

If you strike out with charities, then try a local recycling center. Find one through Earth 911 (www.earth9ll.org) or the Consumer Education Initiative (www.eiae.org).

ACT SOON: Your old computer could offer a lifeline to someone in need

and may be a tax break for you. One of those Win/Win situations.

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