What memories we store in old photographs.
What faces we love with a neat autograph.
But where are they now—that precious old face?
Are they kept in a place that’s secure and safe?

Or are they just left in an old shoe box?
Or in a desk drawer with an old rusty lock.
Or just lose somewhere you don’t really know.
Too hard to find and too hard to show.

Treat them well—of bygone years.
As though made of gold—with love and tears.
New generations to come will wonder with awe,
Is that Mom or Dad or Aunt Mary we saw?

An album is easy to use and no fear
To lose those old photos we hold so dear.
Don’t put it off until it’s too late,
To remember the place, the time and the date.

And be sure to title each photo with care
So new generations will look and compare.
Granny so young, and still beautiful today,
Or Mom or Dad at work or at play.

Yes, photos are memories too precious to lose.
A meaningful history and even some news
Of old and young----and new babies too;
‘Cause someday you’ll say, “Was that me or you?’

—Al Martin
Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I have enjoyed photography since childhood and have more than 20 albums dating from childhood, a period of more than sixty years”(Quoting the author above)

Editors note: The gentleman is 100% correct—date those precious photos today!

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