GOOD OLD WOMAN WHO LIVED IN A

                  SHOE” AND THE GOOD OLD TRUTHS


                                                                                  Lotus Untermeyer

          It takes a heap o’ children to make a home that’s true,

          And home can be a palace grand or just a plain, old shoe;

          But if it has a mother dear and a good old dad or two,

          Why, that’s the sort of good old home for good old me and you.

          Of all the institutions this side the Vale of Rest

          Howe’er it be it seems to me a good old mother’s best;

          And fathers are a blessing, too, they give the place a tone;

          In fact each child should try and have some parents of his own.

          The food can be quite simple; just a sop of milk and bread

          Are plenty when the kiddies know it’s time to go to bed.

          And every little sleepy-head will dream about the day

          When he can go to work because a Man’s Work is his Play.

          And,  oh, how sweet his life will seem, with nought to make him cross,

          And he will never watch the clock and always mind the boss.

          And when he thinks (as may occur), this thought will please him best:

          That ninety million think the same—including

                                                                                            Eddie Guest.

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