Rate at which the number of blogs have doubled ove r the past three years, according to Technorati: every 6 months. Number of new Web blogs created every day: 75,000 Percentage of bloggers who still maintain their blogs with new posts afte r three months of blogging: 55 %


Percentage of new-car sales in China that are to first-time buyers, according to data from J. D. Power & Associates: 84 % Percentage of new-car sales in the U.S. that are to first-time buyers: 1 %


Percentage of commercial property owners who are paying too much in federal income tax because they fail to take the tax deductions that are available on their real estate, according to a study by O’Connor & Associates: 90 %


Percentage of moms who chose a day for themselves” when asked what they want for Mother’s Day, according to a national survey from market research publisher Packaged Facts: 40 % Percentage who want time alone with their partner or spouse: 22 % Percentage who want clothing, jewelry, appliances, or other type home equipment: 4 %


Percentage of U.S. information technology managers who believe they are really becoming more strategic to an organization despite administrative tasks still dominating their time, according to the results of a survey conducted by Dynamic Markets for LANDesk Software: 94 % Percentage of time IT managers recently revealed they spent on administration: 34 % Percentage of time that is spent on troubleshooting: 34 %


Percentage of poor Americans younger than 65 who reported being continuously medically uninsured for at least four years when surveyed in 2003, according to the rrlost recent data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: 24 %

Percentage of the U.S. population under 65 that poor Americans — those whose income is equal to or less than the poverty line — represent: 12.6 %


Percentage of U.S. parents or legal guardians of a child 18 or younger who expect their oldest child in this age range to attend college, according to a Wall Street Journal Online/Harris Interactive Personal Finance Poll: 97 %

Percentage of parents who expect to pay for some or all of their child’s college education who say they have saved less than $5,000 specifically for this: 26 %


“A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.”

— Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi


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                                                   The Advertiser’s Business section each Sunday.

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I n ‘First Descent,” a new snowboarding documentary that opens in limited release this week, December 5th, 2005, mountains are every where. You’ll have to look a little $ harder to spot the Mountain Dew.

But not too hard. Mountain Dew, after all, didn’t just pay to have the soft drink in the movie. It financed the entire project, which follows five snowboarding icons. (A rep won’t comment on the budget.) Experts call it “branded entertain-ment.” How better to control screen time for a product?

But John Galloway, VP of sports and mediafor Pepsi-Cola, says that less is more in this film. Pepsi-Cola, which owns Mountain Dew, wants to build buzz by associa-tion. “Our goal is for this to be the seminal movie of snowboarding—we didn’t want to go overboard with the product,” he says. Product shots are subtle—a snowboarder’s helmet, for example, shows the logo.

Marketers say Mountain Dew made a smart move, because audiences are turned off by blatant product placement. Jeff Greenfield, a product-placement expert, says there’s a “backlash” that’s happened with brands; it’s not supposed to be in your face.” Still, media experts aren’t so keen on the idea of a company’s bankrolling a documentary, with say over the final cut. “It’s like going back to the 17th century, where you had to please the patron, says Mary- Lou Galician, head of media analysis at Arizona State University . “This is dangerous.” But John Kaplan, a co - producer of the film, says that if the filmmakers “felt in any way they had to comp -romise, the whole thing would have been a wash,” and there would have been no film. It seems the real danger was on the slopes.




December 5, 2005. (Pg. 45)

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