......and make the world a better place

By: L. A. Justice
Dec. 16, 2003

A Minnesota hair stylist wanted to make the world a better place to live in long before Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey made the movie Pay it Forward a box-office success.

Now, David Wagner, has spun his idea of doing something nice for others without any thought of a payback into the inspiring book Life As A Daymaker: How To Change The World Simply By Making Someone’s Day (Jodere Group)

“I want to share my philosophy of intentional acts of kindness with the mind-set of making the world a better place.” says the married dad of two. “Daymaking is a gentle, yet powerful, way to transform our community and ourselves.”

“It can literally help us to shift from feelings of terror or helplessness to a sense of well being

Here are some of his suggested, favorite ways:

For your mate:

1, Write a love poem and send it in the mail. (It only costs 37 cents and the expression on her(his) face will be priceless.)
2. Take your mate’s (significant other) hand in public, like you used to do.
3. Send your ”mate“ flowers at work—it lets everyone know how much you love and care.

For your children:

1. Turn off your phones for 1 hour every day and really listen to what they have to say to you. (You might be surprised)
2. Write a cute, happy note and put it in their lunch-boxes.(lunch bag)
3. Frame their artwork to hang in your house or office. (or both)
4. Spend some quality time with them, regularly, doing something different. (leave your worries elsewhere , till later)

For a grandkid:

1. Call your grandkids on a regular basis and speak only to them, letting them know how special they are—then hang up.
2. Make a scrapbook (notebook) of their parents’ childhoods as a keepsake.
3. Send some money (maybe a dollar or two) every now and then as a special gift..

For a stranger:

1. Make a surprise visit to a senior citizen center or rehabilitation facility and bring some candy or cookies (homemade is best) They’ll love you and want you back 2. Volunteer at a day-care facility for children.
3. Your local literacy group needs volunteer teachers (and they train you)
4. Put a quarter in an expired parking meter and save someone a ticket.
5. Allow someone to get in line ahead of you at bank, post office, grocery store, or anywhere without making a “big deal” out of it.

For a co-worker:

1. Pick up lunch for someone who is swamped with work.
2. Write a “thank-you” note to your boss/supervisor, saying simply how much you a appreciate working there . (nothing fancy–just honestly)
3. Bring in a bouquet of flowers, or something” home-baked”, and pass it to a different persons desk each time you start to share it.

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