In a Perfect World...

          ***** a person should feel as good at 90 as he did at 17, and he would

          actually be as smart as he thought he was at 17.

          ***** you could give away a baby bed without getting pregnant.

          ***** forget-me-nuts would stimulate the memory.

          ***** doing what was good for you would be what you enjoyed doing the


          ***** pro baseball players would complain about teachers being paid con-

          tracts worth millions of dollars.

          ***** people would always have good reasons to be optimistic.

          ***** you would never fumble, but if you did, you would recover the ball


          ***** the mail would always be early, the check would always he in the

          mail, and it would be written for more than you expected.

          ***** potato chips might have calories, but if you ate them with dip, the

          calories would be neutralized.

          ***** if the guy from the government said to you, “I’m here to help,” not

          only would he mean it, hut he’d do it.

          ***** first impressions wouldn’t count for nearly as much as ultimate


          ***** winning might he a nice thing, hut that would be about all.

          ***** all people could expect to be accepted.

          ***** every once in a while at least, a kid who always closed the door

          softly would be told, “Go back and slam the door.”

----John Gratton in Drexel, Mo. STAR



Vol. 147, No. 880, August 1995. (Pg. 68)

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